For the Sake of Free Delivery!

If you’ve been following the Chest of Drawers I’ve just finished building on the UKworkshop forums then, you’ll know that shortly before completion, I ended up buying an extra tub of stain that I didn’t actually need! This has really gotten so – warning in advance! – I felt like a bit of a rant…

To sum the story up briefly; I was nearing the end of the build when I realised I didn’t have enough mid oak stain to finish the job. I searched my workshop (not thoroughly enough!) but couldn’t find another bottle like it. Not long after placing a new order with Axminster, I went back in to the workshop and happened to find an unused tub of ‘antique pine’ spirit stain which, as it turns out, was a good enough match for what I had already been using.

One 250ml bottle of Chestnut’s Spirit Stain costs about £5 and I wouldn’t been expected to pay the same again to cover the cost of postage. If I mention that Axminster offer free delivery once your shopping basket breaks the £50 mark then, I’m sure you can see where this is going!!

Let’s have a look at what I bought, then…

My latest "unncessary" order from Axminster.

Just in case you’re wondering – no, they didn’t accidentally supply me with a pack of clear polythene packing bags (although, I must admit, that was my first thought! :roll:). In fact, this is probably the one item on the list I actually needed – ten new bags for my dust extractor.

That workshop magnet is sure to come in handy as I’m always losing things like those tiny springs when it’s time to change the knives on my planer/thicknesser. But, I could always have added this to a larger order in future. :S I am running out of five-minute PVA but, again, it’s not urgent. Polymite glue would be sitting somewhere along the fence… My stock is running low but, if I needed it urgently, I know it is something I can pick up locally.

That Metabo sander pad is rated as ‘Medium/Hard’ (the other one that’s available is ‘Soft’). While I do like my SXE450 random orbit sander [when I’m not using the 5in. Bosch!], I discovered earlier this year that it leaves a lumpy, uneven surface on softwood (Scandinavian redwood; my smaller Bosch sander does the same thing). Someone once told me it was to do with either the early or late-growth in softwood. I’ve never experienced this with hardwoods. Another forum member suggested I try purchasing one of these pads. To be honest, I’m not sure it isn’t identical to the one that came fitted to the machine. In which case, I may try to sell it or just keep it as a spare (they don’t last for ever). My attempt to remove the old pad earlier resulted in much frustration. I couldn’t get the securing screw to budge in either direction (it’s probably gummed up with almost five-years-worth of extra fine dust…). Metabo’s multi-lingual instruction manual doesn’t go in to much detail so, I’ll give them a shout for further advice.

With mentioning the forsaken bottle of stain, that leaves only the pack of glue brushes, which I would rather have bought in a similarly sized order from Tilgear, who have a little bit of a sale on right now. As I’m closely watching my expenditure right now, I cannot really afford another order right now; which is a shame, as I was hoping to get a few 6in. Abranet discs to try. Tilgear’s brushes appear to have wooden handles, which is a nice touch for the woodworker. The brushes available from Axminster (and Rutlands, if I remember rightly) have hollow handles and, as I tend to leave mine to soak in a mug of water, this can result in excess water being dropped over my workbench as the clock ticks during a glue up!

You know, I bet that, if I really tried, I could even find a local supplier of bags suitable for my dust extractor!

So, to sum for today then, that’s £50 that should have been better spent elsewhere. I have ordered a few daylight fluorescent tubes from TLC-Direct, which is due to arrive some time tomorrow. They did inform me instantly that they were out of 3ft tubes, which is a bit of shame. I cannot complain about the £3.50 ‘Local Delivery‘ charge either, which at least saves me the hassle of having to get near the centre of Bristol! 🙂

Hopefully, the arrival of faux-natural light will brighten up my mood before my next update…! 😀

(Rant over.)

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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