Nilfisk Replies

Last week, I was pleased to receive a prompt reply from Rick Hollebon, the UK product manager for Nilfisk-Alto. As you may recall from one of my previous posts, although I was [and still am, today] very pleased overall with my purchase, there were still a couple of minor issues that I wanted to clear up.

Without going in to great detail or quoting word-for-word exactly what the reply said; Rick took the time to explain to me why and how it is possible run an 1,800w (or less, but never more) power tool on a standard 13 amp supply, without exceeding the limit and tripping or blowing a fuse.

Rick also informed me that the filter bags are designed as ‘disposable’, as opposed to being reusable. One feature I forgot to mention to you last time was that this vacuum is equipped with a superb ‘Push & Clean‘ button [it’s big and blue; you cannot miss it!] which momentarily configures the airflow to blast the main filter clean, while you hold the button. This gives reassurance to the fact that you can disregard the filter bags so the waste simply collects in the ‘drum’ of the extractor, for ease of removal.

As well as this, there is also a plastic-coated, rewashable alternative to the main cartridge filter, which will fit the Aero 25-21 model. At £17.79+VAT, it’s not something I’m going to rush in to buying at the moment. The main benefits are that it would outlast the standard cartridge filter shielding the motor housing. I do not feel that I currently use the vacuum enough to justify that kind of upgrade. It’s certainly worth keeping in mind though, if you’ve ever considered this model.

Rick finally went on to explain my query regarding the suitability of ‘hazardous’ MDF and hardwood dust with this vacuum. Basically, if you were looking to run this eight-hours a day, every day then, you would need to look at a machine with a higher level of filtration, designated as a ‘safety vacuum‘. Vacuums in the ‘Aero‘ range do have high-filtration but they are generally aimed at the hobbiest for light use. Again, the plastic-coated filter would improve the situation, here.

That just about concludes my on-going review for the time being. My real intention was to highlight some of the positives about the company behind the product. All too often, we hear of woodworkers left feeling dis-satisfied with the after-sales service they’ve received from the company who sold them a product built in the Far East… Okay, so, that may not strictly apply to the production of Nilfisk-Alto’s products but, it is reassuring to know that, within this company, there is someone who can help; someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. Their name may not be as instantly recognisable as Trend, DeWalt or Makita but, I would highly recommend Nilfisk-Alto to anyone. What’s more, I’ve recently found myself working without ear defenders while this vacuum is running. Not recommended practice, of course; just to say that the ‘din’ is a rather comfortable one.

Thanks for reading (sorry for the lack of photos on this one!!). If you have any questions then, do get in touch.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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