Cable Clamps

As part of my latest order from Rutlands, one of the newest innovations from across the pond arrived on my workbench this morning, in the form of these Cable Clamps.

It doesn’t take a lot of thought before you begin to realise just how versatile these clamps can be in the average woodworking workshop. Here are a few of the situations where I’ve found a use for these; the latest competitor for that old faithful; the cable tie.

If you can’t afford something from Festool or one of the other Hose and Cable Clips on the UK market, I’ve found that a pair of the Medium clamps will quite happily hold a 40mm vacuum extractor hose and also keep the mains lead from your power tools at bay.

Hose and Cable - Nice and tidy!

I was a little disappointed to find that the Xtra Large clamp doesn’t quite hold the capacity to securely grip a length of 100mm diameter flexible hose – though, I’m pretty sure that the 100mm quoted is actually the inside diameter of these hoses… Still, in my case, I am now at least able to keep the hose away from any wood exiting my thicknesser […not that it has made the extraction any more efficient, with this poor design of dust hood! :x]. I should also mentioned that all clamps (bar the smallest size) come with holes pre-drilled for hanging them out of harm’s way.

I’m now left wishing I had added a couple of the Large-sized clamps, as I’ve also discovered they provide a keen solution to keeping coiled bandsaw blades under control. Much better than using masking tape or those little wire ties than many manufacturers supply.

Bandsaw Blades - Bundled!

Of course, they’ll also perform the same jobs as your average cable tie, with the added advantage that you can re-use these clamps over and over again. I’d also wager they’re much strong than that otherwise-excellent product featured on Dragons’ Den a couple of years ago [I forget what it was called, but Duncan and James both invested]. So, if you have trouble with trailing wires and hoses getting in your way, I reckon these are worth investing in for your own workshop.

My main purchase from this order, though, was the Wide Blade Attachment for the Work Sharp 3000 grinder. I wouldn’t have bought this if not for the recent 10% discount offer and, it wasn’t long after opening the package before I realised I could quite easily have made something very similar myself to utilise an existing honing guide. That’s not to say it’s a poor piece of equipment though – look out for my thoughts on this accessory in a future blog post.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Cable Clamps

  1. sorry mate but i dont get the point of these – why not just use the much more inexpensive cable tie – in my view these are a rip off product from rutlands , just like their elastic bands – 12 for 8 quid IIRC

    1. Hi Pete,

      That’s fair enough; you don’t have to buy them. 🙂

      I was mainly interested in the largest size for use with my thicknesser and thought I’d give the other sizes a go at the same time. They were only 99p each and can be re-used many times – not something you can do with a standard cable tie.

      Granted, if you’re an electrician or similar requiring a lot of these, it would be ludicrously expensive to buy hundreds of these Cable Clamps! You’d be better off with those rubbery ones from Dragons Den… (I still can’t remember what they were called!)

      But, for one-offs in a workshop, I think they can have a place. Again, you can’t re-use cable ties and, for most tasks, you’ll end up throwing most of it in the bin.

      …If you want to talk about over-priced, wait ’til I get around to looking at the Wide Blade Attachment I just bought for my Work Sharp grinder!!! 😀

      I totally agree about those elastic bands though – most of mine come free with the morning post. He’s always dropping them outside our front door! 😀 Disposable glue brushes are another. I do normally look to Axminster first and foremost as they’re usually a lot cheaper. But, sometimes, Rutlands are the only place selling certain items in the UK. It’s usually with the American stuff (Work Sharp 3000, Bench Cookies) and, even at their price, it works out a lot cheaper than importing direct from Rockler, these days.


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