Birth of a ‘Tool Wall’

A rather brief note, this one,  to show that I’ve finally begun organising my ‘Tool Wall‘:

'Tool Wall' - June 2010

This is something I’ve touched on in the past but, for one reason or another, it’s taken me a while to actually get in to doing it – yet, in reality, it’s no nearly as complex as some of the “real” woodworking jobs I’ve been doing, recently! I mean, look at it… It’s a sheet of chipboard screwed to the wall [which reminds me – I’d still intend to paint it white] and all tools are held in place with a combination of screws and washers. It couldn’t get much less complicated than that!

What’s really spurred me on to get this sorted, I think, is frustration in the fact that my workbench is regularly covered in “homeless” tools. With this being one of my most productive times of the year and all, it’s been causing a great deal of disruption to my working state. That probably also explains why, then, I’m now putting the finishing touches (Danish Oil) on a series of storage drawers to live below my workbench – one of those long-standing “Round Tuits” that’s been on my mind since completing this bench in July last year.

Tool Clips

At the bottom of the wall, I’ve added a small series of tool clips to take care of my screwdrivers and files (useful for the odd bit of metalworking). They work very well and I intend to use the spares on a similar wall behind my woodturning lathe, which’ll take care of my small collection of ‘turning tools.

Next to that, the magnetic tool bar I several months ago is still holding up very well. Once I’ve finished the drawers, I intend to keep most of my chisels and edge-tools in there; leaving space free on the magnet only for the tools I am using. That’ll also mean I’m less likely to slash my wrists, reaching for whatever I need to retrieve from the shelf behind! 😉

Magnetic Tool Bar

As soon as I’ve finished the drawers (they’re probably going to need two more coats of oil), I’ll have some more photos for you. I don’t just yet know what exactly I’m going to store in them but, they appear to be even bigger than I was expecting – and that can only be a very good thing!! 😀

Thanks for reading.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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