New Bandsaw Video!

Just a brief note on the dawn of a new week, right now, to say that I’ve just finished uploading a brand new video to my YouTube channel (you can also view it in this post, below). I actually filmed this several weeks ago, when I needed to cut some 2mm oak veneers (9in deep!) for the curved cabinet I was making.

Again, I’m using a Supertuff Fastcut blade from Tuff Saws; which is essentially a skip-tooth blade with a smaller tooth (no set) in each of the wider gullets, which basically aids sawdust removal. Being thin-kerf blades, they put less of a strain on the frame of any bandsaw and you’re wasting slightly less wood each time you make a cut, compared with blades of standard gauge, kerf or thicker.

But, the main difference here is that it’s the first video I’ve filmed where I’m using the Startrite 401e machine. I do apologise for the noise coming from the vacuum cleaner as this doesn’t allow you to clearly hear how this saw is not struggling to cut English oak at this depth. Perhaps, one day, I’ll go back to using a HVLP extractor – or, just take a chance a strap on a dust mask…!

Hope you enjoy the film! It’s the first time I’ve tried “editing” a short film (using Windows Movie Maker) so, if there’s anything you would like to see or anything you think doesn’t work well, it would be great to hear from you.

Any and all questions are welcome but, for more information on the blades, I’d advise you to contact Ian John of Tuff Saws

e-mail:  sales(at)

Thanks for reading – and for watching! 😉

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