Time to Turn?

My first exhibition (Furnish, at Paintworks) opens exactly one week from now and, right now, when I’m not doing any payed work, I’m spending all my free time trying to get my other pieces polished and ready (hence the lack of action on this blog, recently). About two-months ago, I “completed” a contrasting curved-fronted cabinet in ‘white’ and brown oak. In actual fact, it’s still awaiting a final coat of wax and two knobs or pulls that’ll allow someone to actually open the door and drawer with ease… This is why the piece has remained unfinished, until now.

This often happens… I get to this stage in a project and I’m stuck; unable to decide on what to do next. I’ve got a decent lathe and all (if not most-of) the required woodturning tools; I just don’t have any inspiration. There’s no part of my brain that can tell me ‘that would look good‘…

Usually, I’ll try and draw inspiration from the shape, form or any details of the piece itself. I don’t like using brass knobs or hardware unless I’m pressed for time or, it’s been specifically requested. I have an idea for a curved “pull” (as opposed to a knob) for the drawer [yes, I appreciate that I sketch would help, here!!] but, I’m still at a loss with what to put on the door stile….

I may also try to add a rare Earth magnet in somewhere, to hold the door closed. Unfortunately, the door seems to have distorted slightly since I last looked at this piece, and the top left-hand corner stands proud of the frame by about 0.5mm (that’s enough to bother me, anyway! 🙂 ). Trouble is; I tried doing this on my college exam piece last week and, for some reason, it didn’t work. The magnet was sunk in to the underside of the top, with a panel pin sunk below the top edge of the top door rail. I’d like to try putting two magnets in to the hinge stile, where they’d be almost completely hidden but, that wouldn’t hold the closing stile in.

To all you woodturners out there…

Where do you find inspiration and how do you know what will and will not work?

Thanks for reading.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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