Back-Saving Labour

Ever since I bought the monstrous Startrite 401e bandsaw earlier in the year, my one, persistent complaint is that the working table height is too low for general shaping work, particularly if you’re a fairly tall person. While I appreciate the ways in which this aids to ripping of larger timbers, I’d been meaning to sort this issue out for a while.

Yesterday, with a bit of heaving, some sweating and lots of hammer-action, I managed raise the height up by a good 2in, which has already begun to make a world of difference to the comfort of my back when using this saw.

There’s nothing complex about this at all; I’ve essentially taken two short scraps of 4x2in (with a finished thickness of 44mm) and, before fitting them, have attached scraps of 11mm OSB to the underside, which increases the height enough to see the working height increased to a good 10mm above my workbench [planning for the future… ;-)].

Getting the blocks underneath the saw and, sat inside the mobile base, was the trickiest part of all. Even with a second-pair of hands, it would’ve been a struggle. I started by placing one block in front of its destined position. Then, by tipping the saw up at one end, I could slip the block underneath one end using my foot [steel-toe caps – essential!!]. Then, by carefully swinging the saw around, I could do the same at the other end. Where any fine adjustment of the blocks was required; that’s where the hammer came in! 😉 Finally, I secured the base to the blocks with an M10 coach screw driven in to each corner.

If ever you’re intending to do something similar yourself, I do, of course, recommend you find someone who can give you a hand, to reduce the risk of injury. I managed to get this done on my own but, it’s still not something I would recommend.

The end result is that I can now do a whole variety of work on my large bandsaw without straining my back. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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