Toolbox Upgrade

A few months ago, I made a simple, tote-style toolbox from pine offcuts for carting a basic set of hand tools around the house and to and from my car when I’m working away. Throughout the last few weeks, it’s seen a lot of use as the dawn of Autumn (with the odd early hint of Winter…) has inspired me to get all the exterior DIY work finished so that the house is “water-tight” (this mostly seems to involve renovating rotten windows using lots of filler and splicing in scraps of oak where necessary).

This week, I’ve made a couple of simple alterations to this “prototype” that have improved the convenience of having all my tools available to-hand. You can probably spot them from photo above. For further information, please read on below…

To start off, I’ve added a simple tool caddy on each end of the toolbox:

This is a very convenient place for all my chisels and screwdrivers. It allows instant, easy access and storage while it also prevents the edges from getting damaged, as they would otherwise; rolling around inside the main box. Now, the only time they get damaged is when I’m hitting lumps out of an old window or door frame and arrive unexpectedly at a hidden nail or screw! πŸ˜‰ I’ve used scraps of 12mm MDF as spacers with a scrap of 19mm pine screwed and glued to the outside. Next time, I might create a gap closer to 19mm…

There’s only one other upgrade for now, and that’s a pair of 8mm holes in each corner:

In future, I may add more although, I was reluctant to go over-the-top as it my hinder access to the tools inside the box. Still, this seems to be a great way of keeping your pencils sharp and it also allows you to store small screwdrivers, bradawls and nail or centre punches.

Already, after having made these two changes, I’m finding there is so much more space inside the toolbox. Next, I need to look at a means of storing longer items, like hand-saws and spirit levels; neither of which are pictured in this shot as I wasn’t using them today. But, they normally end up sat in a ‘diagonal’ orientation, sticking out awkward at one end or both. My current reaction is that it would be best to have them “clip on to” the long sides…

One final tip for today…

You know those straws that comes supplied with most aerosol cans (WD-40; 3-in-1; etc.)…

Instead of losing them and losing minutes trying to find them again later, did you know that they clip neatly in to the top of the caps?!? πŸ˜€

[I just discovered this earlier today! ;-)]

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend.

One thought on “Toolbox Upgrade

  1. Very innovative …. I like the idea of having the chisels and screwdrivers etc in their own compartments in each end and a place for awl punch and pencil… brilliant…

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