Cheaper Cable Clamps

About seven-months ago, I reported on a new purchase I had made at Rutlands with a new range of “accessories” I hadn’t come across before (see Cable Clamps). Even to this day, I maintain that the smaller sizes are excellent for use with power tools; keeping both the power leads and extraction hoses at bay and contained within the same line. You may recall that I found the largest size wasn’t quite large enough to keep my 100mm hose safely out of the way of my thicknesser’s outfeed and also; the general opinion from some readers was that even the smaller sizes were quite expensive. Well, on a recent browse through my Toolstation catalogue, I came across another solution that’s even less likely to harm your wallet…

Hook & Loop Cable Ties from Toolstation

In case you can’t quite read the fine print below the above image; these are hook and loop cable ties. Available in one of three different lengths; black or white; sold in packs of ten, with a velcro fastening.

I made the mistake initially of buying the smallest size in the range… These were just about long enough to wrap around the hose on its own but, this did mean that I was unable to actually latch the ties on to something else to suspend them clear of the thicknessing bed. On my second trip to my local store though, I got it right, played safe and went for the 450mm lengths, which have proved to be more than adequate.

Unlike the traditional plastic cable tie, these velcro ones are designed to be used again – although, it does remain to be seen how long their ‘grip‘ will last under within the sustained, murky atmosphere of a small garage/workshop (I don’t own an air filter and have been cutting a lot of MDF lately – but, so far, so good!).

I hope you’ve found this interesting. Perhaps they’ll even solve a hose-holding problem within your own workshop?

Thanks for reading.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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