Hole in the Door

Having recently improved the efficiency of dust extraction on my router table after following Steve Maskery’s suggestion, I’ve since managed to go that one extra step further by ‘modifying’ the door to allow access for the hose, while containing all that noise and any dust that manages to escape underneath.

Being 6mm thick acrylic, the clear panel in the door on my router table was dead easy to drill, even with a 50mm forstner fitted in my pillar drill. That gave plenty of clearance for the hose but, for the nozzle on the end, I had to enlarge the opening by another 2mm using my bobbin sander – what a mess the melted plastic made of the abrasive sleeve!

Dead simple and quite effective. Another option would be to connect the hose through a hole located either in the back or one of the sides of the cabinet.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Hole in the Door

  1. I guess a hole in the back or side would make it easier to open and close. Have you considered sealing around the hose, where it enters? That might reduce the noise a bit (given a little crack can make a big difference).
    Like the snow 😉 makes me feel excessively Christmas.
    Cheers, B.

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