Brushes Down!

At last!! The final three coats of emulsion have been applied to my workshop’s walls!! Now, behind my sliding compound mitre saw, the limited light reflects back at me, instead of disappearing off in to the once deep, dark and murky masonry pores.

Oh, and yes – I’ve also been busy today, installing more of that wonderful spur shelving in behind my saw. Fixed with the uprights at 66in centres, I’ve got plenty of support for a 6ft boards and even a 7ft length would only overhang by a few inches at either end (there’s a total of 2.5m between front wall and the pillar, which is just visible to the left of the above shot). Yes, one upright is shorter than the other three but, that’s only because I’m using up a box of ‘left-overs‘ kindly donated to me by my father. I’m aiming to add some shelves on the very top for the storage of jigs and accessories. Below that, I’d like one run (possibly two) for timber and, either side of my mitre saw, I should have enough room for a couple of short shelves as well.

Behind the mitre saw cabinet is a sunbed [yes, you read that correctly!!] that hasn’t been used in years! That may end up on Freecycle shortly and I’d like to use that space in behind to store my cut sheet materials. As I cannot man-handle a full sheet safely on my own, I rarely keep hold of anything larger than a half-sheet (1.2m x 1.2m). Inevitably, some of my timber stocks will end up stood vertically in here as well. Where length is now less of an issue, there are still some boards to wide for the shelving, meaning that they’d risk fouling the up and over door… For some unexplainable reason, the depth on the other side of the door is several inches greater than this side!! I still have some big lumps of beech as well, which are far too heavy for me to lift up in to the roof space.

So, a simple storage rack for sheet materials should be on the cards, fairly soon!

Here’s something you haven’t seen in my workshop before – FLOOR SPACE!! 😀

Yes, all this extra work is seriously beginning to pay off. There’s almost enough room, now, for a new machine – though, a lack of spare funds should mean that a drum sander or separate surface planer/jointer is highly unlikely to appear before I move, later in the year!

A familiar site though, should be my workbench, while work is going on elsewhere… My plan is to have most of this stuff up on the walls although, I’ve lost count of the number of times in which my workbench has been left in a similar state, within the last month alone… I don’t know what it is – I’ll clear it one morning but, by the end of that same day, it’ll be covered again and totally inaccessible! 😀

I’m looking at moving in to my new house in the coming week so, I may not have a lot of time to spare in the workshop, with all the decorating work that needs to be done still. It’s getting very close to a near-perfect state for this small garage-cum-workshop. Hopefully, my next update won’t be too far away! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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