The Workshop Grows (sort of…)

…Well, sort of! While I have been able to sit here typing and idly surfing the ‘net for as much as I would’ve liked over the past month, I have just about completed reorganising my workshop, which is only minutes away from my new home. It all started a few weeks ago, when I listed a tall shelving unit on eBay – and then, it sold, for £16! 😎

This left a pleasantly large void in front of the  rear window but, don’t fret; I already had plans for what I was going to do with this space…

It simply involved moving the chest freezer unit (which I’ve been using as a stand for my cast-iron mortiser, among other things) in to a new position from the right-hand wall, freeing up a load of space on that side, which would be better-suited for some other possessions, alongside my woodturning lathe.

I hadn’t previously reorganised the ‘shop this much since I built my current workbench back in 2009. So, I reckon this dust has been up from two summers ago! If this is all I have to show for it then, I think it says that I haven’t been spending enough time in the workshop for these past two-years! 😀

Yes, the floor was also in a bit of a state, after dragging that big old unit out. A large gathering of shavings had built up in behind the unit from incidents where, for example, my extractor bags had a hole in them and would continue to spew the waste out to the side, until I bothered to patch it up with duct tape!

To the right and in this new space, I have my chip extractor (which rarely needs to be moved; only when the bag is full and needs replacing) and next to that I finally have a home for my pillar drill which, in both this incarnation and the previous Clarke model, had until now lived a life where it was constantly being pushed to-and-fro as I wrestled for space when trying to use some of my ‘more important’ machines. On the floor, I also have a space for storing a few power tools ahead of the extractor and my planer/thicknesser current sits parallel infront of the lathe – very much where it was before but, maybe an inch or so closer to that wall.

(Above, is another ‘before‘ photo; immediately after selling the shelving unit. I never could reach that mortiser or the sockets with ease.)

On the side, there’s still some work to be done with regards with what can and should be stored beside my mortiser. There’s certainly a useful space there for something, whatever that may be… At one time, I was hopeful of being able to use this for small assembly work. Now though, I’m just content and happy with being able to use my mortiser from the word go, without having to move anything, for the very first time in the history of this workshop! 🙂 It still needs a small amount of maintenance work around the back but, it’s nothing much. I have also moved the table saw again since taking this photo but, you may have to wait until I shoot another video before you get to see how that all works out now. 😉

As always is the case in my workshop though, this work had again left the workbench in quite a state:


While I have been “making sawdust” in one respect here, I have  also started to get on with a few other jobs and, I am pleased to say that the new workshop is running very efficiently at the moment. I will do a video tour, at some point. It’s taken a lot of work to get this far and, with limited time around my main source of income  and living slightly further away, this hasn’t been easy and, at times, it has felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere but, at least now, I should be able to get on with a few projects. There are several things I’d like to make for my new kitchen and I could also do with a cabinet for the bathroom (I’m still working on the design for that).

There’s definitely more to come! 😉

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “The Workshop Grows (sort of…)

  1. Hi olly
    Glad things are moving in the right direction for you. Today I’m having a shed delivered which will allow me to move children’s
    toys,bikes and gardening tools out my workshop which will free up a lot of space happy days!

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