Making Your Own Dowels

If you’re a follower or reader of my Twitter feed then, you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve had some problems with YouTube recently. I have no idea what caused this (or, the cure) but, for a good week or so, I couldn’t get any of the pages to load. Now that the situation has improved, I’ve been able to catch up with some of the many videos waiting for me in my Subscriptions feed; one of which shows yet another method for producing your own dowels:

Matthias Wandel is what you might call a “wood engineer“. If you haven’t seen his website before then, have a look at He’s got lots of interesting ideas on working with wood.

Another excellent method, which utilises the router table, comes from Britain’s very own Steve Maskery. I think I’ve shown this one before but, just in case you haven’t seen it:

One of the first ideas of ingenuity I saw came in the form of a using a saw blade, as demonstrated by a Japanese woodworker:

This very same man has also applied the same principles in using his bandsaw to produce dowels (though, I think he should be running the drill in forward gear, against the cutting direction of the blade?):

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s even managed to do it using a pair of files:

I’m currently filming some videos of my own at the moment (when I can find time and energy to get in the workshop)… The quality won’t be great but, I hope to have something uploaded within the next two-weeks (still got some filming to do). In the mean time though, at least you now know of several different methods for producing your own dowels (…not that this bears any relevance to any of my up-and-coming short videos!)

Thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “Making Your Own Dowels

  1. Hi Olly

    This is an interesting concept, and one I have never really thought of before. I had been generally happy with the standard dowels you can buy in Home Depot (or B&Q over here in England). That said I can see how useful this would be if you are tacking a really fine piece.

    Thanks also for the intro to Matthais’s site. I had not seen it before, but I like this Engineering Woodwork approach.



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