Cutting Board Conclusion (Video No.3)

It’s been about a week since I filmed but, the final episode in my three-part cutting board series is finally online and ready for viewing:

I’ve taken on board some advice from Stu recently, with regards to the transitions between scenes, if nothing more at the moment. As I’ve said before; it’s all a big experiment for me. I am very aware that you can barely hear my voice towards the end of the video and, again referring to Stu’s comments, I’ll probably look at tinkering with voice-overs in future (at least, until I can a decent video camera with an input jack for a microphone – though, I’m sure the purchase of a 16-32 drum sander would push that one even further back down the list!!).

I hope you enjoy this final instalment and, if you’ve learned something new along the way then, I’m happy as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am hoping to capture a couple of other short projects in video form throughout the summer [summer?!?] so, I hope you’ll also subscribe and keep checking back here for future updates.

Sorry that the gap between each post appears to be growing at the moment. I’m working a lot at the moment just to keep my head above the water and, where I haven’t got as much time as I’d like to be able to spend in my own workshop, I’ve discovered that the art of basic video editing can easily consume a lot of spare ‘workshop-time’!

Thanks for reading and for watching.

4 thoughts on “Cutting Board Conclusion (Video No.3)

  1. I like the way you scarfed out a recess for the handle with the forstner bit first.. before the router…certainly makes sense… overall I enjoyed your videos…Thanks for posting.. always nice to see how others do the job…

  2. Hi Olly,

    Thanks for posting this. I’m definitely going to follow this…. soon…

    Are there any timbers you would recommend? I was thinking purpleheart would be interesting… though I’ve heard it may be carcinogenic…. Any thoughts???



    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your message, and for watching and reading.

      Personally, I’d stick to timbers that I know are ‘safe’ (namely beech, sycamore and maple). However, you don’t get much of a contrast at all between these species… I don’t know much about purpleheart myself but, I think that The Wood Whisperer might have used some when he made his popular cutting board videos a couple of years ago?

      I certainly wouldn’t use yew as that is known to be highly poisonous. I’d also avoid open-grain timbers like oak and ash, if possible. A close-grained species is what you want.

      Do you know what other darker timbers you have available locally to you?

  3. Thanks for posting this series, Olly. I like your approach … I’m learning a bit about woodworking, a bit about this particular project, and things about producing a video! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As Dave said above, I will likely jump on a project like this soon. My wife bought some platter handles from Lee Valley and I think they might work well on a cutting board like you made.

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