Part 2 Has Finally Arrived!

If not for the difficulties I’ve had in trying to upload this video (coupled with the time I’ve spent agonising over a SketchUp drawing for a future magazine article) then, I’ve have had this second instalment online for you much sooner!

Part 2 in my series on making an octagonal towel stand.

It looks as though this is going to become another three-part series after all. I’ve tried hard to trim this second episode down as much as possible but, I feel I’ve got a lot of useful content in there. I start by turning the square post in to an octagonal section (picking up from where Part 1 left off) and getting everything ready for the finishing stage, which will come in Part 3, along with the assembly.

Sorry that you’ve had to wait so long for this. Hope that it’s been worth it, though! Smile

I’d also like to thank Joe Abbott for pointing me in the direction of Windows Live Writer, which is compatible with any blogging software and is free to download. It’s dead easy to use and allows me to blog in ‘visual editor mode’ where WordPress appears to have started playing up for me of late (thanks again, Joe! Winking smile).

Thanks for viewing.

2 thoughts on “Part 2 Has Finally Arrived!

  1. Really like these, especially these last 2 where you talk. I also like the fact you don’t skip the machining like the WW. Looking forward to the next one. If possible a video review on the Worksharp would be good, I’m intrested to see if its better than the Tormek as a complete system.

    1. Thanks, James.

      Filming the machining operations is a bit tricky… Too much and you’ll bore people. Or, on the other hand, it could leave the viewer feeling as if they’re missing something. After a few projects, regular viewers may become ‘familiar’ with my setup and procedure so, I may start focusing slightly less on that, unless I’m doing something out of the ordinary.

      One reason I’m not too keen on doing a video of the Work Sharp system is that there already are “hundreds” of other videos out there. I cannot currently think of anything to add that hasn’t already been covered by several others. It’s no as complete as the Tormek system (with all the accessories) but, where it may not be the best option for woodturners, it does offer fast, repeatable results for anyone looking to grind or hone chisels and plane irons (bench tools, in short). That’s not to say you cannot sharpen turning tools or gouges (ground on the outside face) – the machine currently lacks the jigs and accessories to make those kind of applications as accurate and repeatable as the other grinding tasks.

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