It’s Gone!

I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to sell the table saw/router table station that I only completed recently. It began with a couple of Classified ads placed on two of the UK’s woodworking forums. I did receive interest from one party (perhaps less than I had hoped for) but, by the time that came, I’d already listed the item on eBay. After one week at online auction, the listing ended (Buy it Now with Best Offer) with thirty-six watchers!!

Something's missing...

It may not have sold in the first week but, upon relisting the item, it sold within a few days, for the full Buy It Now price as well.

First, I’d like to wish its new owner, ‘Nick’, all the very best with his new saw/router and the business venture he’s going for, down in the depths of Devon. Upon collecting the item over the weekend, he commented on how, when he saw the photos, he could see that someone had clearly put a lot of time and effort in to it… Awww, thanks! 😳 Although, only the regular readers of this blog will have an idea of what really went in to it, with the months and months of waiting for an update of the finished unit!

So, with that out of the way, I now have little more floor space to play around with:


There’s still the idea of the new, floor-standing router table to contend with and I need to find a proper home for that multi-function ladder. I almost have the space to, once again, assemble medium-sized dining tables on the floor. It hasn’t been that good for over two-years! If I keep everything on wheels, I should still be able to achieve a lot, with all I have in such a small space.

Looking for a new home... (Within this workshop!!)

These power tool case are currently ‘homeless’ within my workshop, after the departure of the table saw cabinet. I intend to store as many as possible beneath the next router table (more on that design in the coming week). That should also help to add weight and stability to the new unit.

As long as I can get the basic design sorted (and, a new blade or two ordered for my skil saw), I should be purchasing a sheet of 18mm MDF on Friday, with a view to starting the router table build over the next weekend.

Sitting here, writing this, I can feel another project coming along after that one… This laptop desk is far too big for me and, whenever I next move home, I’d only be looking to downsize this piece. So, a simple desk that can fold away for storage may be on the cards this summer… Even if it is made from nothing more exciting than stained pine! 😛

Thanks for reading.

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