Time to Rock?

Even when I’m not actively busy in the workshop, it seems as though I’m almost always buying something on eBay! One of my most recent purchases arrived in a long, cardboard tube…

Making an electric guitar has been on my mind for some time. Last year, my dad gave me an acoustic model (which, if I’m honest, I’ve struggled to get in to playing… Or learning to play!). I’ve always thought that I would ‘master’ the acoustic and then, look to build a replica electric model that I could then discover but, I’m eager now to just get myself back in to the workshop; enjoying and using the tools and timber I have available, while I can.

These plans came from JAG Guitars via. their eBay shop and were delivered next-working day.

Along with the two full-size plans, you also get two smaller copies to reference from. I think my next step will be to cut sections out of these larger sheets, glue them to some MDF (9mm, maybe even 12mm) and trim them to size, so that I a series of templates to work from later. I might even try to photocopy these before, just in case anything does goes wrong.

There’s still a lot to be decided, sourced and learned before I can officially make a start on any one of these. One source of inspiration has already suggested than an average guitar replication can cost around £300 in materials and parts alone! With these plans, you also get to know which timbers and species are recommended for each component. Where possible, I’d like to try and substitute some of the more exotic and endangered species for something grown closer to home… It’s going to be a challenge, all right!

I should add that I purchased plans for their Les Paul Type Guitar and also, for their Telecaster design.

I’d also like to express my thanks to Phil Edwards for some inspiring guitar builds of his own, complete with many progress photos! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Time to Rock?

  1. I think should start immediately. I’ve been blogging since this past Feb about my journey in building my first bass. Of all the dust I’ve made, this project has been the best, but has keep my honest while increasing my standards of craftsmanship. Now if I can apply these standards I’ll be doing okay! Have fun with it, check out my blog when you get time! Thanks

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