Mobile Planer (Jointer) Base

It may be Sunday night but, there’s reason to be cheerful as I have a second blog post for you and a brand-new video to share with it! 😀 I feel like I’m on something of a high at the moment… Haven’t felt like this in a while so, excuse me if I sound more upbeat than I have done in previous weeks or months.

If you’re interested in building your own mobile machine base from wood, using plenty of glue, screws and coach bolts then, this may well be of interest to you. I didn’t fancy spending £40 on another metal job with only two rotating castors and adjustable feet that constantly need levelling on an uneven floor and, I must say, I’m quite pleased with what I’ve made this weekend.

I apologise for the lack of ‘voice’ towards the end – one day, I’ll buy a microphone and a better video camera to go with it!

It’s only a shame I don’t take any photos on the rare occasion now that I do produce a video. I’ve been thinking about buying a large SD card for too long… All those minutes stood infront of the camera and reshooting scenes leaves no room for finished snaps or progress shots. A spare battery wouldn’t go amiss either!

All comments and thoughts are appreciated, as always.

Thanks for reading and for watching. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mobile Planer (Jointer) Base

  1. Hi olly nicely done. I am building one for myself I will let you know how it turns out and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Olly,

    Good idea. I particularly like the brake and castor lock in one. How much of the slight wobble do you think is play in the castors?

    If they’re the cause it occured to me that a slight protrusion at the top of your brake bar could engage with the top of the castor “fork” where it’s square to limit any remaining wobble? I can’t imagine the thickness involved would make it very robust though…

    I copped out before I even got any machinery that may require such a base and got a couple of the Rutlands mobile bases while they were reduced and in the 12% sale – £35.16 each.

    I saw a comment on UKW saying they were the same as the Axminster ones as far as the person could tell so I took the plunge.

    Hopefully in a week or two I’ll have a bandsaw to sit on one of them. I got the second base “just in case” – who knows, maybe one day I’ll join you in the AW106PT club! 🙂


    1. Thanks, John.

      You may well be right about play in the castors; they certainly move or flex a bit as I tighten the bar. As you can see though, it doesn’t affect the operation of the machine – it’s a vast improvement over how wobbly and noisy it was before!

      I may well need to thicken it up – you can probably see in the video that it flexes quite a bit!

      I’ve had bases from both companies in the past and, from memory, they are identical, even down to the instructions. I just fancied a change this time and to use up those 4x2in offcuts I have (had!!). They used to be only £30 when I bought mine. 😛

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