More on the Gaps

To start off with then, here’s a photo of the ‘gap’ behind the bathroom sink, where any previous sealant has crumbed and broken away. At a guess, I might question whether the correct grade of sealant or caulk was used. In front of the splashback, it is subject to a high volume of water at times. It seems to be fine in other places.

Needs more sealant!

If you were to look more carefully from the right angle though, you’d see that the sink unit runs at a different level to the window sill behind. This suggests that’s something’s out, if the base of the unit hasn’t deteriorated… Maybe I can level it, once I get inside and underneath.

Since my last post on this, I’ve done a bit of online research and have discovered that vinyl flooring may be the better option for a bathroom, as laminate flooring can deteriorate once water gets in between the joints (and, this bathroom gets very damp, without an extractor). It should work out cheaper, too. Even if I end up having to switch the water off and remove the toilet as well for a neater job.

Needs more paint!

That radiator’s going to need repainting. It was fine, until one day, when mum’s ex-lodger decided to crank the heating up to 80°C!! I always remember mum saying how she came home to the smell of wet paint, that day…

Needs attention!?!

I don’t touch electrics so, I’m not even going to attempt to do anything with this – which, believe it or not, is the handiwork of an electrician. Probably about eight-years ago now; not long after we moved in. I forget what was there now. Is must’ve been a light for shaving?

I’ve been watching YouTube videos on fitting a vinyl floor. It looks simple but, will I need to lay hardboard down first or just an underlay? (See previous post for photo of floor) Another video shows how removing a toilet isn’t too difficult. I’m just not sure if refitting is as straight-forward or if you have to fit a new seal or anything?

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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