28: Unwrapped

I’d like to start by saying how refreshing it was to write a post on this blog that wasn’t about woodworking. It is a hobby and interest that has consumed so much of my life for the last few years but in 2012. I don’t mean that in a critical way as it’s largely down to my personality (we all make our own choices). In 2012, I began to break-away from the isolation and to explore other interests and I would encourage other ‘wood bloggers’ to be more open and rounded in their approach to sharing on their pages. If nothing else; it’s a great way to keep the content flowing while you’re unable to make sawdust and shavings, for whatever reason.

…”Happy Beard-day”??

It was Easter Sunday, it was also my birthday and I greatly enjoyed the day. Now, I’d like to share with you some of the items I received yesterday; material possessions that has less relevance compared to the value of things like true friendship, which I have also discovered within the last year.

I’ll allow you to ponder over the message on that label for a moment while I show you the array of cards I opened in the morning, before heading out for the walk:

Birthday Cards

I’m thinking now… Do people still send cards to each other on Easter Sunday? I’m glad no-one bought me a card with a two-digit number on it! But, my favourite is one that’s not featured in the image above. In fact, some would question whether it even qualifies as a ‘card’ at all…

Love you KD! πŸ™‚

I was so excited to receive something hand-made that I opened at one minute past midnight, very early on Sunday morning! She’s an artist alright and the kind of friend that has meant more than most for almost a year since we met. I made her a little something for her birthday last year and I was so grateful to receive her gift. Also, I might have to frame the portrait of my dog!

A car dangle.

It’s a car dangle; to promote positive energy and safe travels. I do need to take a better photo (and to clean my van) but it’s warming to know that I can take this with me everywhere I go, to remind me of our friendship.

Chocolate Galore!

Being Easter, I received a selection of eggs that remain unopened in their boxes, thanks to the runny nose and sore throat I’m currently suffering with. There’s even a chocolate cake for my birthday, in case I didn’t get enough of the almond and raspberry feast on the walk yesterday.

Well, before I opened my mum’s gift last night, I hadn’t had a shave since Christmas Eve…

Now, I get it!!

The message was already clear and, after a night of charging, I zipped it all off (the beard, not the hair) this morning. So, you can expect a much ‘cleaner’ appearance in future YouTube videos than what you might have seen since the turn of the year! It was an experiment that I’ve decided to end for now. Ginger beards and an extra three-years to my age… Those are two things I would like to live without (not to mention the odd grey hair on my right side)! πŸ˜‰

I’m also wondering if I could use this to shave my dog? Because, well, she needs it!

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Easter break!

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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