Yandles Spring Show – 5th-6th April 2013

Earlier today, I did indeed complete the drive south down to Yandles for the annual spring woodworking show (they also hold an autumn show in September, in case you didn’t know.

While I was there, I made the brave effort to get my camera out and to shoot a brief sequence of video clips that would give an impression of what’s available at one of these shows. It was a big step for me and I had to overcome a lot of anxiety to simply get my camera out of its bag, whilst walking alone through such a heavily occupied arena. Above, you can see the results of my work and an hour’s worth of editing this evening.

There’s a little more detail to follow if you read on below this line but I do welcome your comments, thoughts, opinions and feedback. 🙂

Driving down there was the same as it almost always is. Straight from work, I headed down the M5 and all was fine until I left the motorway for the junction at Taunton. From there, I usually head towards Yeovil (A37, A303) and this is where the traffic begins to queue up, for several miles.

On the return journey north, I decided to try and navigate my own way home (I also had to stop off somewhere along the A38, south of where I live). This meant going straight up from Martock towards Somerton and then west to Langport (easy), before keeping my sights on Bridgwater and the A38; following the A372 through Westonzoyland. A quick study of a Google Map on my smart phone gave me the confidence to do this and it was the first occasion where I’ve not gotten lost or taken an unintended detour…

I think, the last time I tried this; I went up the A37, went slightly off tangent between Glastonbury and Street, found my way past Wells and very nearly got confused in Cheddar, before I found familiarity in the A38… It’s all good fun when it doesn’t involve city driving!

While I was editing this video footage, I realised that many of the clips were very brief. While I was filming, it felt as though the camera was running for much longer. I have cut-out seconds wasted where I’m pointing at my shoes, for example, but still. I’m actually more concerned by the fear that I somehow missed or walked past an entire tent of activity… I’ve done this before.

One of my intentions was to purchase a couple of items from Chestnut Products. One of which, I found on the shelf inside the main shop (the last can, in fact) but, from what I saw; there was also a distinct lack of woodturning from previous years I’ve been there. I must’ve missed something and it is bothering me… I did arrive at lunchtime and spent an hour walking around to see several exhibitors tucking in to their sandwiches. But, after one complete circuit (and, before selecting my goods), I went around again just to double-check but still, I didn’t see Chestnut’s stand. Or woodturner Andy Coates, who I sometimes communicate with on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy the brief video I have uploaded this evening and, again, I welcome any feedback. I felt that a little music was better than none but, I know it’s something that isn’t going to satisfy everyone. If you read this in time, you may still have enough hours left to visit the show for yourself on Saturday! 😉

I’ll have to make a separate post to cover the few items I did buy today.

Thank you. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Yandles Spring Show – 5th-6th April 2013

  1. Thanks for the photos of the show. Reading your account reminds me yet again of why I prefer to live in a place like Wyoming where there is not much traffic. A detour through unknown territory is a pleasant ramble here and there. But that is not a reason to ramble off topic in my comment. Thanks again for the glimpse of the Yandles show

    1. Hi Ellis and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and, to me, it sounds quite ‘tranquil’ where you live. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I was there and it was brilliant. I particularly liked the guy who was carving a fire surround with garlands of fruit and flowers and birds that almost fly out of the wood. Wish I could remember his name.

    1. I’m glad you made it, Kathy, and that you enjoyed it! I don’t remember seeing that guy yesterday. Maybe he was on lunch or only there for the one day.

      Did you buy anything??? 😀

      I’m planning to buy my maple and walnut from Oscar Windebank on Monday. They’re in Box (Peter Gabriel territory). Have you been there?

  3. This was the first Yandles show I have been to and I had a great time and got a couple of bargains. A rare sunny day and thanks for your video footage as it brings it back and captures some of the atmosphere. One bit of feedback is maybe cut back on your walking and panning (by about 50%) when shooting video as it makes it easier on the viewer. Cheers mate

    1. Chris,

      Thank you for watching, for reading and most of all, for your feedback. I value your opinion. Hopefully, I’ll feel more confident next time to stand around filming certain activities for a bit longer than I did here. I appreciate it. 🙂

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