Part 2!!

I’ve been having great difficulty with Windows Live Movie Maker (now known as just Movie Maker) of late and that is the main reason I’ve been unable to upload Part 2 of my latest cutting board series until today. It’s been a month since part one otherwise and I had been struggling to find the time to sit down and chop through over one hour’s worth of footage but, it’s online now and is available for you to view, share and critique. 🙂

If you’re struggling with the same program yourself, here are some tips that I tried to get it working…

Firstly, updated to the latest version (Movie Maker 2012) and check that your system meets all the requirements (this was after it started telling me that my files were suddenly corrupted). Mine did but, it kept prompting me with an error message after installation. My Device Manger (Windows 7) told me that my video card driver was up to date but it wasn’t and I had to manually search and download a new one. I also read comments stating that Apple’s QuickTime player interferes with Movie Maker, so I uninstalled that.

What also helped was to first save the movie to my computer, where I would usually save and upload to YouTube simultaneously from the editing software. With the file on my hard drive, I could then go in to YouTube and upload it directly. It seemed much faster as well… It does appear as though Part 2 isn’t ‘HD’ like most of my other recent videos but I don’t think that’s really an issue.

Thanks for reading and for watching. Do let me know if you felt there was too much of the sawing, planing or gluing.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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