Prior’s Wood

There are a lot of little things that I’d like to update you on but, first of all, I’d like to share with you a little evening walk I went on with the group last Wednesday evening. These evening walks only occur in the summer months (for obvious reasons) and I didn’t honestly think I’d have the energy left, after nine or ten hours at work (not to mention the early starts). But I’d booked Wednesday off in order to get my van serviced (apparently, the wheel bearing had fallen off and I was very lucky that the wheel hadn’t done the same) so, I didn’t really have much of any excuse not to go. I was worried about turning up to find a small selection of people I didn’t know (which did happen) but even the weather was against me – it was sunny!

It all started in the village of Portbury, North Somerset. A stone’s throw from Junction 19 of the M5 motorway

This is one of those walks where I feel that it may be better just to show you a page full of photos…

If I wasn’t walking with a group then, I was following these people…

It was an evening walk. Therefore, we were only set to cover about 4½ miles.

We did pass that dilapidated building, which appeared to be the only one of its kind in the area (and I’m not referring to the fact that housing in Portbury usually comes with a higher price tag).

I tried to be a bit ‘arty’ with some of my photos…

Near The Downs school, we passed one field with animals where no two were alike. It was a bit like Noah’s Ark (who’s Zoo Farm isn’t too far away). Except, where they all boarded the ark, two-by-two; it was as if these guys, quite literally, missed the boat…

That horse was much friendlier than either of the two I encountered in Tetbury, a few months ago.

This walk was ultimately about walking through the woods and seeing the majestic bluebells, so fresh and in bloom.

As we made our return journey back around and out of the woods and towards the pub or car park, we were fragranced with the undeniable scent of garlic.

A safe haven from Transylvanian folk.


It was such a pleasant evening to go walking in and I felt really good at being able to meet with and talk to a couple of new people. Where mud was on the ground, it was barely sticky, in spite of the fact we’d had rain in the days leading up to this walk. Strolling through the woods on a warm evening with the sun breaking through the trees… A great way to distract yourself from the dreaded though of returning to work the next day!

I’m really getting in to Instagram at the moment and you’ll see some of these photos replicated and ‘remastered’ on my account there. For the other photos I took in this set of 20, please see my Flickr album.

Thanks for reading. There’s another walk on tomorrow evening that I may attend after work, if the weather holds up.

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