Short Rip Fence and an Update

I seem to be focussing heavily on video blogging lately and that’s distracting me from keeping this blog updated. There are lots of little updates and pieces happening most of them time and I find it far easier to either upload a Keek or maybe a photo to Instagram. I’m hoping that some of you have already seen my latest video but I’d like to bring it your attention today in case you haven’t seen it already:

It documents the making of a reversible short rip fence that I made for my Scheppach TKU saw bench. You could make the same thing for your own table saw or even for a bandsaw. It is dead simple to make and does feature the ‘shop-made T-track that I’ve used on other pieces in the past (namely my router tables). It was meant to be a short video but the final edit still surpasses the 10-minute mark (cut from over 40)! I tried putting music in the background of this one and it’s something I’ll try to stick with… But I’ll try to make it a bit quieter next time, as I can’t seem to make my voice any louder! šŸ˜›

This weekend, I’m hoping to upload the final instalment of my latest cutting board videos after they were very gratefully received by the client yesterday afternoon. There’s probably another one-hour-plus of footage to sift through so, I’d guess we’re looking at another 15-minute video (45 minutes in all… I should’ve made it a DVD!! :-D). I’ve had a lot of trouble with Windows Movie Maker lately but, fingers crossed, it is stable right now after much downloading and updating of various bits and pieces!

I’m also aware that today is the 1st of June and I’d like to be looking to move out of my mum’s home by Christmas, which will coincide with the dreaded clearout of my workshop… I could have three months left; I could have five. I recently put some sash clamps for sale over on UKWorkshop and there’ll be other little bits to come between now and whenever ‘then’ may be.

Thanks to you all. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Short Rip Fence and an Update

  1. Hi Olly,

    I really like the music, but you’re right – the levels of your voice and the machinery vs the music will need some tweaking.

    I think the machinery is much too loud – I wouldn’t want it completely muted but maybe if you could still hear the music over it that’d work better?

    What you’ve built is very much like the one on my bandsaw, with the minor difference that it uses a single piece of steel in the t slot to receive the bolts


    1. Thanks, John.

      I hadn’t thought about the machinery being too loud but I have noticed that others increase the music levels when the tools are running. MovieMaker’s a bit of a pain because I couldn’t see an option to alter the sound levels between scenes. I think I’ll try a different program very soon.

      Yep, that’s where I got the idea! šŸ™‚ Well, it actually comes from dimension saws that I’ve used and even a little table saw that I sold last year.

  2. I first thought it unusual how short your fence is, but your thoughts make perfect sense. As know, in the USA virtually all rip fences run the full depth of the saw table. Interesting.

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