Mounting Time?

A few days ago, I found myself wanting to record and upload a Keek that would be entered in Richard Morley’s competition (or #keekcontest). You can click here to see a complete list of the entries submitted (each one is no more than 36-seconds long) but the basic requirement was simply that we would need to ‘rout something’.

A temporary tripod-mount for my smartphone.

To suit my intentions, I needed a device to hold my smart phone while I performed an operation on the router table (working single-handedly with any machinery is never safe). I just about managed to clamp the magnetic flip-case of my smart phone to the lightweight, aluminium tripod I use with my digital camera but it’s now got me thinking about making a more permanent fixture for this set up…


I already have a tripod that I can use. I might require something more substantial one day but for now, it’s got all the basic requirements I do need. I also have a much smaller ‘benchtop’ one somewhere that uses a similar mounting block – and I think that’s the key here… To create a stand that holds the phone securely but which can then be screwed on to either tripod.

This has also reminded me that Jeremy Cook has a website that is created to host as many of these ideas as possible. If you have any contraptions or creations of your own then you can freely submit them to him through the website.

DIY Tripods

An additional idea is to make something (out of wood – what else?!) that would allow me to sit the phone hands-free inside a moving vehicle so that I could easily and legally answer calls. People often seem to phone me while I’m driving! My phone also has a kind of built-in SatNav, which may or may not also be useful some day.

Those are my thoughts for now. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Mounting Time?

  1. Olly, if I recall from making camera holding widgets back in my school days some 30 years ago, tripods and cameras use a 1/4 whitworth thread, if that’s any help…


    1. Thanks, Tom. I haven’t yet checked but it certainly looks close to 1/4in or 6mm on the ones I have… I’d assume they’re all the same, which would be ideal for interchanging and compatibility.

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