The Clock’s Ticking…

It is September and summer’s gone. Winter will soon be here and that means I wouldn’t usually have long left before having to think about wrapping up and hibernation… This year, however, there’s one very big difference and it’s something I’ve touched on in the past. I think it was first mentioned at the beginning of 2013 but I’ve been almost avoiding it ever since, in the hope that it might not actually happen…

So, I’ve been living back at my mum’s house for over a year now and that’s also where my workshop is. I’m looking to move out again because I need my own space and she’s has thoughts of selling on her mind for a long while. If I go, she has to sell. If I stay, there’s no guarantee that I’ll be happy in my home life, which is perhaps the one part we should not neglect.

So, the piggy-in-the-middle here has go to be my workshop…

Hopefully you’ve watched that video before scrolling down to here but I will also mention that I’m considering a ‘follow up’ video to this one… Not only do I feel I have several questions to answer for you but I’ve had quite an amazing response all round… People have left kind comments of well wishing beneath the video and I’ve also received private messages from people both on YouTube and also over on my Facebook page. Thank you all! 😉

My Earlex HV5000 – FOR SALE to anyone who’s interested.

I’m trying not to visualise the whole thing as an ‘end’ to my time as a woodworker and instead, I’d like to view it is more as a hiatus or indefinite break under circumstances change again some day. That’s why I intend to keep the majority of my hand and power tools. I’m only really looking to sell the machines that would either be a pain to transport or would that I would only consider replacing or upgrading if I wasn’t following the path ahead.

I fought the wall and the...
I fought the wall and the…

This situation and its impending ‘Countdown to Winter‘ carries with it an untold measure of stress, which I burden on my own shoulders. I’m pushing myself in my evenings and weekends (when I’m not out walking) to get as much done within the small pot of time that remains. I think this hit me (literally) on Saturday afternoon when an incident involving a brick wall and dishwasher left me with bleeding head. I do think of it as a warning sign.

Last night, while pushing myself to complete two boxes that I wanted to have finished eight-days ago; I fractured in to more pieces than the average components of a small box when my attempts to rout dovetail splines resulted in results other than those I was aiming for. I still have one box left (with a minor mishap in one corner) but the other one hit the workbench in frustration, which resulted in total destruction! I should’ve taken a photo but I can’t find one end; all of the glue joints have broken and the book-matched lid is again in two pieces (but not split along the joint line; it’s more of a wavy S-shape).

By the way, the base is fine…

So, I’ve taken a break from that this evening. I might pick that one box up again to finish off some other time but I think it’s good to step away from it for now and to press on with some other, simpler things (like sanding MDF and gluing metal in to blocks of wood…).

Unwanted shelving brackets, now sitting comfortably in someone else’s home (or garage).

I’ve made a lot of progress in the last few days on decluttering my space. The table saw has gone, along with the box of Ryobi power tools; both of which I inherited a year ago. It’s the kind of revelation that makes me think ‘Why didn’t I try harder to sell these months ago?!‘, because it is almost too late. I’ve been giving away unecessary bits and pieces on Freecycle and I’ve now amassed a shoebox-full of duplicate hand tools that’ll be given away very soon.

Evidence of how it is possible to have too many hand tools – I already have a duplicate set at work.

So, I’ve made a good effort to improve my space by taking more out of it.

I haven’t really got any more to say at the minute… Whatever happens in the future, I’d like to keep my YouTube channel going and I welcome any thoughts you may have on what to fill it with. I’ve considered walking but then I wonder whether that would be better from the view of a hang-glider or low-flying plane?! I’m not sure just yet but, with the many gigabytes occupying my hard driver, I may not need to be just yet.

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “The Clock’s Ticking…

  1. Hello Olly,
    I really don’t like the idea of quitting this awesome hobby called woodworking. The worst is selling a lot of your tools, I hope you’ll get reasonable prices, not getting robbed by these guys who make a fortune out of the sufferings of others.
    I’d like to encourage you to stick with your passion, but can’t find the right words.

    Greetings from Good Old Germany.


    (sorry for my poor English, but I can hardly find the German terms to express how sad this story is to me)

    1. Hello Peter!

      Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and for your comment. Your English has always seemed very good to me, especially on Keek.

      I’m going to keep doing whatever I can. One thing I forgot to mention is that I have access to machinery in my day job but there is also a woodturning club not too far from me and I might end up joining them (they have a space where you can use their lathes) because I’ve always been interested in turning but have never given myself the time to try it.

      I only expect to have my tools in storage for a couple of years. I have no intention of selling everything full stop; it’s simply until I can restablish myself in search of balance amongst the rest of my life.

      All the best to you from England,


  2. I’m sorry to hear your story, Olly. Life can be hard when it is time to “move on” to the next chapter in your book, but it always works out well – after a while! Selling tools ha always been something I have tried hard to avoid in my own “book” of life, even though it can seem to be an unnecessary extra expense at the time. My advice would be to keep whatever you possibly can, with the only tools to “shed” being the ones you would like to replace in any case. Keep the bandsaw; somehow. If (or more likely, when) you look to re-establish your workshop again, it will be the best method of cutting wood you can imagine, but not be able to afford at the time – experience speaks here! I’m sure you will be able to find some storage somehow – it will be worth the effort, even though you will be feeling like “chucking it all in” at this moment of your life.

    I wish you well in your future – remember that life is only a passing phase and the problems of the moment dissolve as time moves on. Just like a storm at sea: the next day the sea is calm and the sun warm. There! A homily for you. Buona fortuna.

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