Keeping Busy

It’s hard to find the time to write regularly here at the moment. I have a couple of detailed posts I plan to write soon but those are the ones I mostly seem to aim for. For quick updates on more of a typical ‘blogging’ scale, I tend to use either Keek or my Facebook page. But I suspect that not everyone subscribes or visits there; not everyone has Facebook or ‘does’ social networking. So, I’d like to try and update you all with a few snippets of all the little things I’m working on at the moment.

New handles for old files.
New handles for old files.

Starting in chronological order, I began making some new handles for a set of old files I bought some time ago. One of those simply projects that might make a nice, brief YouTube video. It’s been a week or so since I glued them in to place and I still need to shape them as they’ve dropped to the bottom of the list with other ‘priorities’ stepping ahead since…


At the weekend, I started making  batch of marking gauges from a spare length of beech. They’re of a laminated construction (to be economical – and also based on a Steve Maskery design for a pencil gauge) and as I currently only have the one that I am comfortable in using, I’ve been wanting a couple of spares, as it’s often handy to have more than one for different settings (and also, I sometimes need one at work).


At the same time, I began working on a rather creative take on the magnetic knife block. Someone contacted me privately a few months ago about making something similar and I’ve been fond of the idea since of having knives that stick to the side of a block. This design has a core stack-laminated of hardwood offcuts and scraps and that’ll be covered by those two thin boards of ash, once the magnets have been fitted. You can also see the 2D template I printed out from SketchUp.

Have you ever tried printing 1:1 on a single sheet of A4 from Google SketchUp? It took me a lot longer than expected!


Finally for this update; my latest addition to the work-list is a pair of ying-and-yang style bandsaw boxes to be cut from this single slab of maple. I would’ve progressed further with this a few hours ago, if only my second camera battery hadn’t died during the filming (the term ‘second’ implies that the first one was already flat).

That’s about all for now and, of course; I’m supposed to be building a guitar soon…!

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Morning Olly
    Hope you’re well – thanks for the link to
    Good videos! and the Yin Yang templates are very smooth! (what thickness blades are you using, I/m using a 6mm (1/4) and finding it pretty good for tight angles – Interesting Knife Rack too..
    Hope it works as knifes do have some weight to them.. and magnets are a pain if you don’t understand the negative and positive end’s and how they react against each other.. (I talk from terrible experience, fitting a magnetic noticeboard to a kitchen wall and nothing sticking)! lol

    How’s it going towards the end of the year… busy?

    1. Evening Stephen and thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, I’m also using a ¼in blade and it has 10tpi. I used the same blade to make a pair of heart-shaped boxes a few months ago but cutting these ones out, it feels as though it’s getting dull (fortunately, I did buy two of them). Some people prefer a 1/8in blade but for that you need to have guides that can contact the sides of a blade without dulling the teeth or removing the set.

      Thanks, the knife block’s also coming along well and I’m quietly confident it’ll be okay… I almost wish I’d bought thicker magnets but I think their power should just be enough. If it is all too heavy then I can use an offcut to create a little block that sits in front! 😉

      Fitting those magnets was a pain, even with the holes pre-drilled. Try to position one too close to the next and it’ll jump across and stick to it!

      There are a few little jobs that I’m hoping to complete before November; by which time, I anticipate it’ll be too cold to do anything out there. I’ve just spent a lot of money on my van, some of which I was hoping to spend on parts for an electric guitar so, we’ll have to wait and see whether anything happens there…

      Hope you’re doing well.

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