Book Box Beginnings

Whenever I’m working on something, I always seem to have two other projects running at the same time. You might already be aware that I’m making a folding meditation stool and you’ve probably seen in recent weeks that I’m slowly making progress on a pair of chess boards. But what you won’t have seen much of is this third project, which I’ve only really started this week.

I’ve begun making a pair of Book Boxes, which is something I suggested I might do a couple of months ago. My plans then were to get one finished for this coming Friday but that now seems unrealistic. I actually roughed out all the timber about 3 weeks ago and it spent that amount of time stacked in-stick on top of my planer, as you’ll see above.

Both books will have sapele ‘covers’ and to get the desired thickness, I had to start by resawing some of my 1in boards in to two. Some cupping ensued.

I had this short block of maple sitting under my bench and, needing something light for the ‘pages’, I decided that I could resaw this to good effect.

All the timber I’m likely to need was planed to size yesterday and I’ve already made steady progress on assembling the basic ‘book’ – I do have extra photos; they’re still on my camera, which happens to be in the workshop… Most of the ones in this post have come from my phone.

Next, you’ll see how the ‘spine’ of each book was glued in to its ‘back cover’ last night.

I’ve decided not to do a video of this one, largely because I do not feel that the design will alter much from Steve Ramsey’s and I don’t wish to discredit the man or his video because he inspired me to do this one. But also, I miss blogging about my projects and I feel a need to get on and get things done (I’m moving home very, very soon). I keep cooking up ideas for things that I’m going to need in my flat, like a pair of bar stools, a CD tower and maybe another DVD rack….

Thanks for reading and I’ll post again very soon.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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