Back Online!

Did I tell you I was moving home?! That happened about five-weeks ago, but it’s not the sole reason for my absence. That is related to the area and situation I now live in, where I’ve had to wait for the installation (today) of my new broadband setup.

My faithful mobile broadband dongle of old shall now be resigned to a dusty drawer somewhere, as it is both unreliable and now redundant in this area where I’m surrounded by other buildings, trees and hills to the north.

So I’d first like to thank TalkTalk and the efficient BT engineer who came out to visit my new property today and to get me connected. I’ve been able to access the odd e-mail, so long as my dongle was positioned as high and as close to the living room window as possible… But even then, the signal could reach 3 out of 5 bars at best. Sometimes, I could have a full-service and it would refuse to connect. If I had out the laptop where I had intended to use it along the opposite wall, I might get 25 minutes of slow internet service at best (as you’ll see above).

Sitting at the bar in the kitchen area, with natural light coming in to my left, has actually been quite welcome otherwise. But each time the battery has run close to empty, I’ve had to run the mains lead along the front of the units in order to reach the nearest electrical socket. Well, it was either that or drape it over the sink!!

Please note that this photo was taken on the day I moved in!

As of this afternoon, I’m back in my chair, sat in front of my desk; exactly where I want to be.

There are a lot of updates about to come your way because a lot has happened in the last month… A new home with ‘everything’ that comes with it (there will be a lot of discussion on ‘the flat’…); I’ve had to buy a new car and I’ve been on several walks that I’m itching to share with you!

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas to one and all!

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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