Bye-Bye Lathe

I wasn’t intending to have anything other than a lie-in on Saturday morning but when someone was willing to pay for and collect my lathe at 9am, I knew I had to be there on-time. Early, in fact!

It happened so fast that I didn’t even take the time to capture a final photo (with the disc sander removed from the equation). So, you’ll have to accept the current setup as above; with a pair of sawhorses providing a place of rest for the old Hegner.

I was planning on selling the disc sander next, because of how little I actually use it and also with my preference for a side-mounted belt sander, which doesn’t leave cross-grain scratches. But I couldn’t less this one go for the <£200 I initially paid… On top of that, I had the motor restored by an expert after I inadvertently shorted it one evening. Plus, somewhere in and amongst all of my madness are two packs of sanding discs…

Last time I looked, Hegner were charging about £600 for the same machine brand-new – and that is excluding the additional guarding that mine has. My temptation now is to hold on to it, almost as an insurance policy! I’m going to try hard to finish off the two chess boards I’ve infamously started and I’m aware that I may require this sander’s services to ‘finesse’ the mitred corners that’ll surround the top.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice the tack of woodturning tools that hangs on the wall behind. I’m holding on to them. Even though I’ve never classified myself as a woodturner; I like them. I have always felt comfortable with them and, one day, I may be able to use them again. As I’ve written here previously; I’ve had thoughts about joining a local woodturning club for this year.

You know, the more I’ve been thinking about it lately, the more I realise that I don’t want a full-time workshop in my life. I desire woodworking but I don’t feel like I want the complete responsibility anymore. I almost ‘want’ a workshop like I need a bathroom – it’s there when I need it but it’s not somewhere I would like to devote large amounts of my free time. So, renting a shared space could also be a possible future option.

I don’t believe I could live in a shared home but I can certainly work amongst others.

My current woodworking fix comes largely from watching others. There are so many channels that I enjoy watching; so many woodworkers doing so much. Like Steve Ramsey, I’m a big believer in providing free content and making things like woodworking accessible and available to all.

Thanks for reading.

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