It’s Nigh

It was made official that my mum has now sold her house. It’s not bad going, considering it’d barely been on the market for two months but I’m now facing an ultimatum that I’ve been trying to avoid, even though it’s presence has been looming for a while… I need to start clearing out my workshop and I’m no longer talking about simply decluttering the unnecessary and the under-used…


Self-storage looks like the best way forward from here. It’s going to cost me but, I should still be saving in the long run, as I won’t have to re-buy a complete load of kit when my workshop return does come. It also offers me a couple of ‘insurance policies’, depending on which way you can choose to look at the facts, should my financial situation one day turn desperate.

Shortly before I attempted to repair broke my digital camera, I filmed another walk around the workshop. It was a bit dull and downbeat and I’m not sure whether I’ll use that or re-shoot it before uploading. But, on tip-toeing around that sacred space I’ve been quick to avoid of late, I realised that I’m only seriously looking to sell two other machines (in addition to the lathe that has already gone). Besides my workbench, each other item has a fairly small footprint and, even in a small holding, I’m confident I could sit one above the other, and so on.

There are several goals I’m setting out to achieve in this month of February…

1. Finish all the woodworking on the two chess boars I’ve been avoiding (they can be finished at a later date, almost anywhere).

2. Complete my decluttering of unused items (right down to timber, spare tools and things like my Workmate).

3. Have everything (hand tools, power tools, machinery and wood) ‘packed’ and ready to be moved for some time in March (I’m aiming to include that in a video).

Naturally, I’ve got to try and sell those two machines in this time as well but that can happen casually once I’ve finished the chess boards.


It’s estimated that we’ll have around two-months before the paperwork is complete and the new owner is looking to move in. It would be foolish of me to take this month for granted and to rely on the ‘ample time’ available next month… There is the risk that neither my bandsaw or planer/thicknesser will sell for the asking prices.

Small stuff doesn’t bother me much as I can pile it up at home and work my way through at a leisurely pace. But I’m coming to a point now where I just want it all ‘done’. I don’t want to lose my workshop but I do want the hard part (moving) to be completed.

Thank you all for reading and for sticking with this blog when I’ve feared that the numbers would simply die off. I can assure you I will always have a lot to write about. There will always be words on my pages for you to read. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “It’s Nigh

  1. Just what I would suggest, break the overwhelming problem into manageable bits. I remember at one point in my life I moved 6 times in 7 years. Not recommended … God bless

    1. Thanks, Art. I made a good start on this yesterday, doing just as you suggest. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up moving again before 2015 is here but I’ll try to stay away from your record! 😉

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