Cutting the Clutter

We’re already halfway through February and I reckon I’ve got about 6 weeks left before my workshop needs to be empty. Over this weekend, I believe I may have secured a space in which to store (not use) my larger tools and machinery, along with my workbench. There are still two of three items that I intend to sell. On Friday afternoon, I had a good crack at sorting through some more of the unnecessary clutter.

Un-wanted and under-used jigs.

I started off by piling up a collection of old and under-used jigs, before packing them in to my car boot and taking them to the tip. There are a few others that I’m hanging on to, including some that I’ll be offering to the buyer who stakes an interest in my bandsaw. But some of these have only been used once and they’re mostly MDF. It felt really good to clear these from the shelves.


I went through my offcuts in a ruthless manor to create the box of firewood you can see above. These were mostly very short lengths and I’m sure I’ll find a taker for them soon.

Surplus tools.

I’ve written before about the shoebox-full of hand tools I’ve been filling to give away. Well, I keep adding to it (that’s why I’m still holding on) and it’s going to really help someone, once I decide on how and what to do with it.

Offcuts I’m (currently) holding on to.

There are still some larger offcuts up in the ceiling joists to decide upon. I cannot bear to chop that 3in oak up for burning so I might bundle the lot together and try to sell them, if I can’t squeeze them in to my storage space somewhere.

I have one shelf covered in spare finishes, oils, half-empty tins and the like… Through Freecycle, I’ve already found one taker for some of the paints that are now beyond my requirements.

From these two racks, I intend to keep most of the hardwoods (walnut, ash, maple) but there are bits of softwood, some beech which has splits or checks in it and some ropey old oak that I was given years ago.

This trolley will be looking for a new home shortly and, aside from the sash cramp bars (which I may or may not keep), I’ll be including all the scraps inside each of the bins. Maybe I can even add to it!

Which reminds me that I have a sandpaper storage box to dispose of. That’ll be going to someone, along with any spare sheets of paper (abrasive and not) left inside.

Next week, I’m hoping to make some progress on the overheard roof space. Being able to do any work at all on those chess boards… It just seems like an impossibility at the moment.

Next week’s task!

Oh, and I’ve also begun to create a second box of woodturning blanks, which basically consists of spindle-sized hardwoods, 2x2in or thereabouts.

Woodturning blanks.

Thanks for reading and keep your workshops clear of clutter! 🙂

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