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March suddenly seems very very close and I’m concerned that the progress with my workshop clearout and decluttering may not reach the stage at which I am hoping for by then… To give you all a bit of an update though, I thought I’d share a few previously-unmentioned items that I, as of last week, decided I am going to add to the ever-growing ‘For Sale’ list.

If you’d like a price on something, please find a way to contact me, whether that’s by leaving a comment here, by e-mailing me directly or through social media.

Actually, I think I have previously mentioned here of my intention to sell the Workmate. It’s been sat against one of the side walls for several years now… At first, it was a reasonable stand for my home-made benchtop router table. Then, in 2009, it allowed me to slide a 150kg 16in bandsaw under the up-and-over garage door and in to my workshop (standing upright, that saw was far too tall to fit through another way. I do dread the thought of moving it again, even for a sale!)

I’m still using my smart phone to take all of my photos right now and I have forgotten to take a photo of the actual top, because it’s made of a sturdy lamination of solid beech. The dog holes are all there, along with the four original clamps/dogs and the odd splash of paint!

Veritas Mk.II Honing Guide

My Veritas Mk.II honing guide. This is by far the best honing guide that I have used but it suddenly received a notice for redundancy once the Work Sharp 3000 landed on my workbench. Therefore, I’m also selling the camber roller assembly (pictured below).

Veritas Camber Roller Assembly for Mk.II Honing Guide.

Ah, the Joint Genie…

I remember rushing to the computer to buy this as soon as a £10 gift voucher fell out from its envelope! But I’ve only ever opened this box a handful of times and that’s merely to check the contents which, to this day, remains unused. I’m sure I had a second photo somewhere but it’s the 8mm Craftsman set, for anyone interested.

Nylon glands – 9 off.

I have a bag of nylon glands… I needed only one of these after buying a cast iron mortiser in 2009 but I only found a bag of, well, more than a woodworker could ever require! These are available without a cost (excluding postage where applicable).

DPC (damp proof course).

I’m not entirely sure why I have a near-complete roll of DPC on my shelves but it’s something that some parts of my mother’s house might have benefited from, thirty-odd years ago… I think I bought this to make a simple, tiny dust shroud for mitre saw (which I then deemed to be an interferon and hastily sent it to the bin). Again, this one is available for free. I’d only ask you to cover postage costs.

Thanks for reading and for looking.

5 thoughts on “Latest Offerings

    1. Thanks, Jeff. Is that the Mk.I model? The original? I’ve used cheaper guides before, even one from Stanley, but none of them have compared with the Veritas.

  1. I think as your proper bench will be in storage you might regret getting rid of the workmate if you have any intention of woodworking before you get another workshop.

    I’d love the honing guide and am quite tempted by the real workmate, as I only have a couple of cheap clones.

    1. Hi John,

      Well, I do intend on keeping my saw horses somewhere – I haven’t quite decided where as I’d forgotten about them before writing this!!

      Are you also interested in the camber roller assembly? This Workmate is only a few years old. It’s quite good but is not to be confused with the heavy-weight models of many years ago.

      If I don’t remember to e-mail you in the next couple of days, please drop me a line!

      1. Yes please.

        If you could let me know a price for each I’ll figure out whether to have the workmate as well.


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