Pepper Le Puke

My previous attempt at cooking this chicken and pepper stew went about as well as several other meals I’ve attempted this year… In that some of it ended up burnt and, from the visual perspective, it came out a lot ‘darker’ and unappetising than I’d hope for. About three-weeks ago, I braved a second attempt at this dish and the end result was familiar but for one major change…

It didn’t just leave me feeling ill after consumption; I was physically sick that very night!


I’d gone to the effort of buying myself a large casserole dish in advance and largely for the intended benefit of this one recipe. After watching that video I linked to in my first post, I was intricate in avoiding the core (if they have a core), seeds and membrane of the large red pepper I needed to chop. I’m certain it was those seeds that made me feel unwell last time. Again, I used Quorn chicken and I believe the rest of the recipe was identical to that of before.

It certainly seemed more edible (perhaps soluble is the word, even), having been cooked correctly within a lidded container.

But something was clearly off with this one and, again, I’m pointing my finger at the pepper… Although, I’m only raising a casual arm as I was also guilty of using an ingredient that had been in my fridge for about 2 weeks…

I don’t generally take much notice of ‘best before’ dates, provided they’re within a couple of weeks. I assume (rightly or wrongly) that most vegetables will be okay. They won’t kill me but now, I believe peppers will certainly make me ill. I should’ve taken a closer notice of the warning sign, where this pepper didn’t slice as cleanly as the fresh ingredient I’d used a fortnight previously.

But would a yellow pepper have been any different?

For now, I’m avoiding the p-word altogether. Walking past them down the grocery aisle only reminds of the 4 times in one night; simultaneously, mounting up on the bedroom floor… I remember throwing half of the meal straight in to the food waste bin well, there was another bowlful on my carpet that night.

I’m not sure if I’m too keen on butter beans either. They always seem so unbearably dry, even without prior draining. I was excited the first time I tried cannellini but right now, I feel as though nothing is going to compete with that lashing of tomato sauce. I skipped breakfast the very next morning, admittedly, feeling a lot better (albeit sleepless).

Speaking of appetite, mine’s been a bit absent lately and I wonder whether it’s partly because of this ‘new fear’ of innocently poisoning myself. Half a bowl of pasta (and I LOVE pasta) landed in the bin last week and that was followed up by a large portion of casserole (admittedly, overkilled with onion) last night. My sweet tooth’s getting ready for the onslaught of a birthday (which means baking a cake) and then Easter – and I’ve still yet to cook my first pancake!

Thanks for reading and my sincere apologies if I’ve spoiled your appetite! :-/

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