About Walking

My love for walking is only ever growing stronger. It’s less than two-weeks now until the 30-mile slog up and over the Mendip Hills. One part of me can envisage a welcome break from the sport, once the main feat is concluded. Elsewhere, I’m ever hungry to see more. To walk further, although perhaps not in one day!

Down on the Quantocks again; this Saturday just gone.
Down on the Quantocks again; this Saturday just gone.

Again, I find myself falling behind in keeping you updated with my latest outings. I’m considering an alteration to my plan of attack…

One though that occurred to me recently was that I could treat this site more like a blog (at least, initially) and post a succinct updated, including one single photo, of where I’ve been that day and when you might be able to read the full story.

View from Haresfield Beacon, up in the Cotswolds, now a few weeks ago.

But I would like to reach out to more people with this, as it accelerates to become my No.1 past-time. I appreciate that there are ways in which I could work to connect with other bloggers but is this format the most adept for what I’m asking? I take a lot of photos; I write a lot of words. If you and I were to meet in person, you’d do well to get a complete sentence from me.

While I continue on in the absence of a workshop at home, my YouTube channel seems to be growing at a consistent but steady rate. There is still a backlog of wood-themed videos dating back to last summer. As much as I strive to find the time to share each of them this year; I’m also drawn to the dream of uploading my walks.

An Easter Monday walk up to Brent Knoll via. Berrow Beach. Two-days after my first Quantocks walk.

Behind the scenes, as it were; I’ve already begun to put this plan in to action…

There is one walk I’ve already filmed, in a succession of short moving video clips.

That’s still to be uploaded, while I’d already decided that my second would be more of a slideshow affair.

Video No.3 was recorded over the past weekend. It’ll be a mix of both of the above.

So, there’s a lot to look forward to. I’ve set myself the task of tackling a lot, with each seeming to succeed the other almost instantly. I’ll let you know once I have something uploaded and you will get to read about one of the 3 walks above, very soon indeed!

Thanks for reading and look forward to watching!

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