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A couple of people have recently pointed out to me that I’ve not apparently been very active in the kitchen of late. This is somewhat true, although I have managed to refrain from the perils of starvation. Two of my friends came to my aid on my birthday with gifts to help inspire me back in to trying new things in the world of the culinary.


These people know me so well… Bread and pasta are two of my favourite meals! But that’s not to say that cook books are the only form of literature I’ve been reading this year…

I made a pact to myself at the beginning of the year (or end of 2013) that I would make a greater effort to read this year. I’ve purchased many books in the past that have remained unopened, sat on the shelves. But now, I finding myself reading regularly during lunch breaks and sometimes in the evenings as well.


Those three kept me busy for the first three months of the year – in fact, Angels and Demons took me well in to April before it was complete. I’ve enjoyed them all and, furthermore, I’ve developed a desire to keep on reading.

One of those is a DVD – even I can’t read that.

So, I’m carefully adding to my collection as I go – No Fixed Abode (my first non-fiction read of the year) is currently receiving my full attention. Once that’s complete, I’ll probably look at buying 2 more so that I do not risk losing or breaking the momentum.

Gammon, egg, sweet potato and peas… Hardly inspirational but it went down well inside.

So, having just this weekend received my third cook book, I’m hoping that will reinvigorate my desires to continue experimenting with food! As much as I love pasta, I’ve been short on fresh ideas for other things.

Sweet potato stew – delicious! I need more like this.

Thanks for reading.

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