One Glass Shelf

It was Christmas. I was cleaning the bathroom, focused, at this moment, on the Ikea Fullen mirror I installed only a few months ago.

One mirror.


Wiping the glass was easy. But the shelf, well, the design doesn’t allow it to be fixed firmly to the brackets. I’ve been very careful in the past to clean it with extra care but, on this occasion, something went wrong…

One glass shelf…


It didn’t take much force and I’m still not sure how it happened but, in a split second, I witness the glass shelf tilt and slide down to the sink – next thing I knew, there was an audible crash and tiny shapes of glass absolutely everywhere!

Pausing for a few seconds afterwards, it took a while before the reality of what had just happened kicked in. Most of the debris was in the sink and, to their credit, there were no jagged shards and I was unharmed. Other pieces somehow made their way out in to the living room – even after vacuuming that same day, I still found in my carpet yesterday, about a week later.

A temporary solution!


I followed the instructions perfectly and there is no means of fixing the shelf to the brackets. I’d been aware of this potential problem for a while and I know wish I’d just glued it on with silicone. Ikea’s website is unclear on the availability of spares but, in the mean time, I’ll probably just varnish a piece of plywood to sit there for now.

Another thought would be to make better use of this alcove to the right of the mirror but that would still leave a good 4in of metal (brackets) sticking out above the sink.

How many Ikea items have you broken?

If you have any tales of shattered glass then I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “One Glass Shelf

  1. Hello.

    You have such a shining personality. If you get some proper equipment (mic, lightning, …) and work on some video skills (they all have to!), probably you could make a living from Youtube. Maybe add some side money from teaching woodworking, writing articles for woodworking and DIY magazines or a DIY column in a daily newspaper. Please just don’t start selling bandsaw boxes, I hate them. I think everyone who receives one as a gift soon throws them away. They are like the one plastic thing that actually is made out of wood.

    Everything about you seems to tell me “this young man needs some georgeous workshop so he can create – and repair – and philosophise if need be”.

    Good luck!

    1. Hello and thank you very much for your kind comment.

      It doesn’t feel like the right time for me to have a new workshop right now but I do aspire to return to that life when it feels right for me.

      Haha, I’ve actually made a few bandsaw boxes for friends in recent years and as much as they appreciate them on the day, I never hear of them again afterwards! 🙂

  2. This was interesting to read- I have recently installed one of these (with assistance as I’m not really that good at DIY) and have noticed the shelf is quite flimsy- I live in fear each day that it will have a similar fate to yours. I hadn’t really considered that you could use silicone to attach it more securely- I’d like to hear more about how exactly you would do that.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry for the delay in replying. My idea was that one could put a few blobs of silicone sealant on top of the metal brackets and then sit the glass shelf on top.

      I don’t know how long it would last for but it may well help.

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