Halogen Oven Update

There’s one recent meal I’m going to write about tomorrow evening but tonight, there’s some rather sad news regarding my halogen oven that I’m going to have to inform you about…


It’s currently on its way back to the manufacturer awaiting either a repair or replacement after inspection.

It hasn’t died and nobody has been hurt – those are the most important things to remember!

Since October, it’s been making strange noises in the fan area. I’ve briefly mentioned this in other posts but had always held on to a belief that it happened after I changed the bulb…

Thinking back more carefully, I can remember that, in the week leading up to the bulb failure, the oven sounded ‘weak’ and a little slower than its usual speed. I’d assumed it was simply a sign of a dying bulb but then, how could it be, when the fan is in no way powered by the halogen bulb?! These noises have become more concerning of late, with the fan struggling to start and spin; cue lots of audible groaning from inside the lid.

There must be an electrical fault or issue somewhere else. I got in touch with Andrew James through Twitter and they confirmed that they’d be happy to look at it, since mine’s still (just) within the first twelve-months of a two-year warranty. I’m going to have to be patient and wait a little while but a positive resolution is only going to come of this.


With the oven temporarily out of the way, it’s given me a moment to think about the layout in that corner of my kitchen and how I might be able to better organise and utilise the appliances that reside there.

In the mean time, I’ll be cooking on the hob; meaning meals of beans, pasta, eggs, soup and probably the odd takeaway as well! Having become a ‘Halogen Oven Convert‘ over the last year, it’s very hard for me to consider warming up that dirty old electric oven for an insane amount of time… That contraption is almost alien to me!


This ‘time off‘ also allows me time to read up, research and prepare for future halogen oven experiences. For which, I’ve purchased a hat-trick of halogen-based books from UK author Sarah Flower. These come highly recommended in the Amazon customer reviews and, from the initial glances, I can see that these books, although picture-less, are much clearer to read and follow than the ‘standard-issue’ handbook that came with my oven.

Sarah writes confidently about being able to bake successful cakes in a halogen oven, where the majority of mine have come out under-done on their insides. I also like how she writes honestly within her introductions; how the halogen has not simply replaced the larger conventional oven in her kitchen but greatly reduced the need to switch it on, wasting time and energy waiting for the oven to warm up.

Sarah also has a site (hosted on WordPress) that’s dedicated to Halogen Oven Recipes.

I’ll let you know, of course, when my halogen oven is returned.

Thanks for reading.

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