Cookie Dough Pizzas

Yes, there’s a plural in that title and it’s not a mistake.


Last weekend, I made a (not so) difficult decision to forgo my typical evening meals in favour of a couple of sweet treats.

I’ve been in love with the cookie dough pizza for a couple of years now and the desire to make my own has been lingering with me for almost as long as I’ve been baking cakes (one year). They’re sold in Fayre and Square pubs as sharers but I too often will eat mine alone with any second thoughts or reservations!

This first recipe came from the BBC Good Food website.


I had everything ready to go apart from the chocolate spread… I considered rushing out to buy some but, I had chocolate sauce ready and I’ve found in the past that treats like this can be sweet enough with the sugar content alone (even more so, when you’re eating it in its entirety all by yourself).

Mine turned out significantly over-done and I ended up baking it for almost double the recommended time – simply because I forgot one basic fact about baking cookies: they will always begin to harden once removed from the oven! But to see the crust form like that was unlike anything I’d ever expected.

If I had enough butter in the fridge right now, I wouldn’t be sat at my desk writing this!

Sunday’s recipe came from Jen’s Place.


I decided to play it safe and stick to the cooking times. I also employed my trick of placing a lid on top of the low rack (in my halogen oven) in order to ensure greater air circulation. It worked pretty well, as you can see and, with a dollop of ice cream on top, it didn’t taste half bad.


But I’ve never had one of these at Pizza Hut (and I don’t think I’ve been there in this 21st Century) so, I cannot compare on that note. I chose to use plain flour instead of self-raising, which was probably a mistake. I’d have the ingredients to give myself a slightly-less-unreasonable share and substituted the flour because I’ve realised the the best before date on that particular bag is only two-months away… But the quantity of sugar was a little overpowering and I imagine that’s probably because I didn’t allow the mixture to rise.


Aside from that; one thing I’ve discovered this week is that I have a need for a Cookbook Stand to keep the book (or paper) clean and also to hold the page open!

Thanks for reading.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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