Window Mirror Concept

Inspired by this recent video from Ana White, I’ve spent a short space of time over the weekend thinking about a window-style mirror that I make for my flat.


It’s an old building with windows only down one wall (one in each room), as another building backs on to this. With high ceilings, it can also get dim even with the lights in full glow and, while I’ve had an idea to source a large mirror to help disperse more of the limited natural light, it may cost about the same for me to just make one.

You can buy actual mirror wall tiles but they’re not cheap and, much like ceramic tiles, they’re going to be heavy. Instead, I’m looking at using acrylic with a mirror-foil covering, which are more cost effective (even at £30-40 for my requirements here) and they’re also going to keep the weight down. Just in case it doesn’t ever decide to ‘come away’ from the wall, the chances are that nothing would shatter or break too easily with plastic!

The existing glass panels are close to 12in x 8in (300mm x 200mm). I’ve so far only found 300mm x 300mm tiles available, where as a slightly more affordable option (which would also save on having to trim them down) is to use A4 sheets (297mm x 210mm) and that’s where I’m currently looking.

Wood is, of course, still going to be a main contributor to bulk of such a piece. If I can, I’d like to try and make use of offcuts at work (ahem…) as opposed to buying my own boards and not having a way to rip them down… That probably means MDF, as the pine we use is generally too knotty for such small sections and I think painting the edge of even birch ply could be tricky and may affect the overall look as a consequence. But then, I’m not overly confident about the holding weight and fixing of MDF…

Maybe I’ll buy some cheap pine after all but, if I give this one the green light, I can almost certainly see myself adding an electric pin gun to my shopping list somewhere! 😛

I’ve drawn the frame components at 25mm/1in thick as you look at them but this could easily be reduced by 5mm (¾in) to compensate for what’s available off-the-shelf. In any case, I’ll add add an ovolo (or chamfer) detail to lighten the appearance front edges and match in with the real windows.

I could go down the second-hand route and I may even strike lucky on Freecycle. But then, you can never be too sure of what to expect. If the right frame became available, I guess I could simply glue some strips of wood to the front of the glass for the same effect.

All going well, I could then look at adding a narrower mirror near the bedroom and bathroom doors.

Thanks for reading and all thoughts are welcome.

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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