Raisin and Ginger Cake

This is I baked on my birthday, which was almost three-weeks ago to the day. It seems so long ago now… And yet, writing these words, I realise that I’ve eaten quite a lot of baked goods in a relatively short space of time! You could almost look at this one as the ‘warm-up‘ ahead of the chocolate overdose that was to follow days later!


Was it ginger or was it actually nutmeg that I used? I know I used nutmeg in those muffins as featured in my previous post – if you read that then, you’re probably aware that I can very easily confuse the two!


It’s a recipe taken directly from Sarah Flower’s Perfect Baking With Your Halogen Ovenand it starts by (carefully) melting the butter to combine with the sugar in a saucepan. I’ve burned butter in the past (in an instant, too) and so I’m too aware of the need to keep the heat very low. No sizzling took place on this occasion, I’m pleased to be able to say!


I picked out this recipe for its simplicity – but also, not forgetting the inclusion of the all important raisin!! It was getting close to lunch time, I was hungry and waiting impatiently for a cake I would expect to receive later in the evening… This was something straight-forward and achievable without having to make a run to any shop.


To me, it looked far too gloopy as the mix landed in the prepared loaf tin but with a temperature of 160°C, it cooked pretty well, if I do say so myself. I did add an extra five-minutes because I wasn’t entirely confident that it was cooked right through but it came out very slightly dry after that and so, I think my added action was unnecessary.


I can’t remember how long it lasted but it was no more than a matter of days! This was one of those cakes I did not end up sharing. Despite some initial reservations, the ginger was barely discernible by taste. I’d love to bake another simple loaf cake like this soon.


Thanks for reading!

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