The #Walk500 Challenge

There are a couple of walking-related events I would like to share with you this week and I’m going to kick-off by letting you know about the #Walk 500 challenge.

Unlike the other fundraising events I’ve previously been involved in (not to mention the ones that lie ahead for this year), you don’t need to undergo any strenuous training to take part in this challenge. HF Holidays are the behind it and all they ask is that you walk just one mile (be it alone or with company), document the journey and share it with them across social media sites.

You could film a series of short video clips on your phone or upload a slideshow of DSLR snaps. A walk through woodland sounds ideal but a few steps along your local high street or residential road will also count as a contribution.

For each entry, HF Holidays will contribute £5 to the British Heart Foundation – their goal here, is to raise at least £500 (hence, the title of the campaign). You can also make your own donation of £3 via text message.

I fully intend to share something – just don’t expect me to include any song from the Proclaimers! 😉

Here are a few extra links for further information:

HF Holidays’ Facebook Page

HF Holidays on Twitter

Get Involved (.pdf file)

Thanks for reading, spread the word and let’s get walking!

Any questions? Please get in touch.

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