A Priddy Wet Walk

Sunday 26th July 2015

In spite of the rain that continued to fall throughout most of yesterday, I managed to attend and lead my third walk of the year.

Taken from the viewpoint at Ebbor Gorge.

This means that, as far as the walk-leading rewards scheme goes, I’m guaranteed a £10 voucher, just in time for Christmas!

I’d been widely aware of the weather forecast for days leading up to this. As the final hours diminished, the prediction wasn’t looking any more promising.


It’s hard when you’ve arranged to lead a walk on a specific date. If you’re only looking to attend a walk, there’s no obligation to turn up and, even if you’re pre-informed the leader you’ll be there, you can always back out. As a walk leader though, it’s hard to avoid it. Even with an intent to cancel an event with notice, there’s a chance the message won’t reach everyone in time and it’s wise to then attend the meeting point anyway, in order to ensure that the last to know are informed.


A handful of people (including new, prospective members) had texted me a day in advance but the majority of them then cancelled once the rain was underway on Sunday morning. For the few who did attend – and to which, I am extremely grateful – I was able to share a box-full of shortbread I’d baked the night before.


This was, of course, baked in my halogen oven. Last time I made shortbread, I think I used a loaf tin and made a block of it… This time, I tried a simple baking try and it worked well. Cutting it neatly, however, was the ultimate challenge!

With most of my walks, I try to pick a place with nice views for lunch stops, snack breaks and re-hydrating. When it rains, shelter can severely limited out in the great outdoors. We stopped at the hurdles on Priddy Green moments before the rain fell more heavily and then, for lunch, we were able to seek shelter (refuge) beneath the towering cliffs inside Ebbor Gorge. So, for the wettest walk by far that I have had to lead, this worked out rather well.

Another group shot, this time with me substituted in.

While getting drenched and not forgetting the fields of long grass; I learned that my Salomon boots are most water-proof, but for the fact my toes were a bit damp. I should probably wash my waterproof over-trousers, because they didn’t get that muddy on this walk. Along with a pair of waterproof gloves, I may also look to purchase a waterproof cover for my backpack.

So, that’s now three walks under my belt for 2015. There’s a temptation now to just sit back and enjoy other peoples’ walks… But with an extra £10 (in vouchers) on the table if I can lead two more before the year is out; I’m also looking and leaning towards that direction – as long as the sun is shining the next time!


Total distance: About 10 miles.

Start/End point: Stockhill Forest

Thanks for reading. Again, I hope the screen-grab from Bing Maps is helpful.

4 thoughts on “A Priddy Wet Walk

  1. Crikey, that looks WET!!!
    Well done and congrats on leading your 3rd walk of 2015, in appalling conditions. Everybody looks remarkably cheerful. It must be the shortbread 🙂

    1. Indeed, we were quite wet afterwards! Forcing your way through long grass doesn’t help. Thank you, Ruth. 🙂 I must also say, that spirits were anything but downbeat throughout the day, in spite of the fact that the weather got progressively worse – and then, sometime after arriving home, the sun came out. Ah, well, I do like to believe that my baking is appreciated. 😉

    1. It’s a good mix of people and new members and walkers are always welcome. We generally have two groups (one for 20s and 30s, the other for 40+) but we mix together every now and again. Most are based in Bristol but on this walk, one was from Yatton and another from Weston, which is quite rare. Make me wonder where all the walkers south of Bristol go to hide. 🙂

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