Back From Wales – Again!

Quite late on Monday evening, I arrived back home after a weekend away in North Wales. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to forewarn you of this latest adventure but I intend to share a short summary of our events in this post.


As time goes on (and I’m still writing about the days I spent up in Derbyshire, last month), I’ll have more detail for you. In the mean time, here are the highlights.

A couple of months ago, I was invited to join a group with a final tally of four others, on a countryside escape amidst the uncertain ‘void’ that separates our short summers from the ever-lasting winters. With an interest in tackling the Three Peaks, we set our sights on Mount Snowdon – with no need to tackle them all in twenty-four hours of madness, we decided to spend the long weekend in North Wales, instead of racing along motorways to climb mountains by night.


I’m going to say bluntly that I passed on the opportunity to climb Snowdon, as I awoke on the Sunday morning feeling much less than 100%. As it happens, those who did complete the challenge seemed to enjoy it and I have every intention of trying again next year – almost fortunately from my own perspective; it was incredibly cloudy at the top with mist and fog consuming the middle regions, meaning those much-sought-after views would’ve been unobtainable, had I pushed myself too hard just for the sake of being there at the time.


We’d intended to ‘do the mountain’ a day earlier. But after a good four-and-a-half hour journey on the Friday, no-one was up for an early start and, by the time we did reach the intended car park (11am), it was full and there were millions of people making their way to and from the top.


So, instead, we took a detour to Caernarvon Castle (which was surprisingly, almost vacant) and then hopped on the Welsh Highland Railway’s steam train for a short journey back to Waunfawr, where we were setup in our cottage.


I approached the weekend with many anxieties about having to be social and share a four-walled space with four people I’ve known for a matter of months or less… But this wasn’t any Reality TV nonsense and I soon found myself welcoming each day, enjoying and even beginning to relax amongst the atmosphere. That’s not to suggest that I will leap at the invitation to play the game Consequence ever again – unless, perhaps, I am able to erase the memories of Sunday night’s revelations from my mind…

Bruce Willis met Rachel Weisz and… No! We burned those sheets of paper with good reason!! 😉

We’re currently talking about going away again, perhaps in time for Christmas, with a destination that’s likely to be a lot closer to home.


One thing I have learnt is that I would love to walk more of the Welsh Coast Path. 🙂

I did enjoy my second weekend in Wales for the year.

Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Back From Wales – Again!

  1. Hi Olly. Wales is a beautiful place to walk. Sorry to hear you missed out on the Snowdon trip, but maybe you should wait for good weather. I remember trekking to the summit as a teenager, and not being able to see a thing because of mist and rain!

    1. Hi Ruth! Yes, I’ll certainly be returning with the hope of clearer skies. We were at Great Orme’s Head near Llanduno on Monday afternoon and I wondered whether we might unexpectedly cross paths… But it looks as though you’re not quite as far north on your coastal trek. I need to catch up on your posts! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good weekend. Snowdon will be there another day. It took me 2 visits before I made it to the top too. I went up to North Wales for the August bank holiday. I spent one day going up Snowdon. I managed to get parked where I intended, amazingly (I got the last space in the car park), and took the Watkin Path up and the Miners Track back down. The Watkin path was good, only saw about 20 people the whole way up, until I got to the summit, where there were hundreds of people. Sadly the top was misty, but only for the last 20 metres or so, once I was below that, it was clear, so still got to see most of the best views. The Miners track down was busy, though.

    I spent another day on the trains, it looks like you did too! I started in Caernarfon, and took the Welsh Highland Railway to Porthmadog, where I broke for lunch. Then took the Ffestiniog railway to Blanueu Ffestiniog. From there I took the Conway Valley line (this is part of the public railway) to Llandudno junction, then another train from there to Bangor, finally taking a bus back to Caernaerfon to complete the circuit.

    Also managed to get in a coastal walk too, so it was a good trip. Looking forward to hearing about what you got up to!

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