Landlust Magazine

I owe many thanks to the team from The Organic Agency, who e-mailed me a few weeks ago to alert me, as a blogger, of the imminent arrival of a brand-new magazine to the UK market:



This magazine has built up a readership of over 1,000,000 readers in the space of a decade and they’re now looking to branch out and launch, here in the UK.

I’m very grateful for having been issued with my own copy of the new issue, ahead of the official launch – I do apologise that it’s taken me almost a fortnight to write this! I’m also extremely grateful for the box that arrived filled with other goodies – not ignoring the ‘Loaf and Coffee Cakes‘ booklet attached to the front cover. 😉


As you may be able to tell from the front cover, this magazine has a focus on country life, gardening and crafts amongst a wide array of interests. In time, I will write a ‘review’ on this issue, once I’ve finished looking through (you see, I found an article of making something out of wood and I’m currently unable to turn to the next page… 😉 ).

If Landlust Magazine looks like something that would appeal to you then I’d encourage you to have a look at your website and also to follow their newly-created, UK-based social networking profiles:





Thank you for reading and thank you again to The Organic Agency for your kind generosity. Maybe I’ll end up writing for or collaborating with the magazine at some point.

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