New Year, New Mattress

Here we are in 2016! I hope that everyone has welcomed in this new year in a safe and responsible manner…


A few days before Christmas, I made yet another journey to Ikea (my third, I believe, in as many fortnights) and treated myself to a brand-new mattress.

I’ve had sleep problems for years and it doesn’t get any easier with 7am starts for work. Over the past year, I’d begun to notice a pain in my lower back emerging as I would wake each morning and, noticing the sag in my old sprung mattress, I simply put two and two together – that mattress was given to me, with the base, in 2011 and was second-hand at the time, although barely used.


Switching the mattress may not totally relieve me of my sleep-deprivation but it should at least erase that physical pain.

So, I bought the following items:

I liked the idea of a foam mattress, although I now wonder whether I should’ve spent an extra £60 to get a mattress with memory foam… At the time of my decision, I settled on the Malvik model as it was neither the cheapest or most expensive. They say you should replace your mattress every eight years – even if this one was to survive only half that time, I see it as a good investment.

Since I was paying a certain amount of money for this, I decided it might be worth looking after it with a protective sheet – this was one of the more expensive ones but then, I’d expect a sheet to outlast a mattress.

Another reason I liked these is that they come in a rolled up state that allows you to quite easily carry them to your car, load them up and get it home (no van or special delivery required). I don’t think it’s possible to re-roll them (during a house move, say) without causing some damage.


Having slept on this now for the last few days, I can say that I’m pleased it doesn’t squeak like a sprung mattress and it has a way or warming your body. But I am now experiencing back pains a bit higher up, each time I attempt to sleep on my back. Sleeping on my side is not so uncomfortable and the foam does not sag like my old mattress.

These new pains may be a result of ‘settling in’… It could even mean I need to change my pillow arrangement. Each mattress requires three-to-four days once it’s been unrolled so that it can rise and settle in to its true shape. During this time, I slept on my settee with much discomfort and many disturbances, which may also be a contributing factor. At least I was able to struggle through this period over Christmas, when I wasn’t required to wake up at 5.30 every morning.

I’ve no idea as to whether a memory foam mattress would be an improvement but I am currently considering adding a mattress topper, if my back doesn’t improve this week. This new mattress (140mm) is considerably thinner than my former mattress (200m?) and so there’s room for a good 40mm – 80mm extra on top.

One final conundrum was to decide upon how to get a double mattress in to the back of an estate care and I came up with a simple solution:


It folded a lot easier than I’d expected, with all those springs inside, which again suggested that it may’ve been past its time.

For anyone who might be wondering; I love the idea of replacing the sprung bed base as well and, of course, it would have to be with something wooden that I have made myself… One day, I hope.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Mattress

  1. Your back pain may be because of the pillow you use, I find it best just to use one pillow and not a fat one. The flatter you can keep your body while sleeping the better. This is the mattress I use and have never had any trouble with my back since I started using it. Happy new year mate and have fun!!! The price is fantastic to!!!

    1. Hi Liam, it’s good to hear from you. Thanks also for sharing my video on Facebook. 😉

      Actually, yes, that does make sense as I’ve had similar trouble when camping and sleeping on a thin roll mat.

      That price is truly unbelievable!! I’ll keep an eye out for some new pillows before I think about anything more. Happy New Year to you too.

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