Adding a Mattress Topper

We’re not even quite halfway in to February and already, I’ve succumbed to what I believe is my fourth visit to Bristol’s Ikea store in as many months!


Not good, is it?

But then, neither is my sleep, which is why I went back…

So, it’s been almost two-months since I bought a roll-packed Malvik foam mattress (firm)… They say you should allow one month for your body and mattress to adjust to each other. I’ve been extremely patient but, no matter what I try (sleeping positions, thickness of pillow or pillows), I cannot get a long lasting, comfortable sleep and still wake up with back aches – albeit, higher up the spine than before.

A change is inevitable and it is reassuring that Ikea’s returns policy is extremely generous, where you can return your mattress within ninety-days of purchase, provided you still have the receipt and that it’s in a re-saleable condition (ie. no stains, damage or bodily smells).


My Malvik mattress has been served with an ultimatum, after I purchased a mattress topper on Saturday evening – ironically, this cost more than the mattress alone!

I chose the Tustna mattress topper (again, this is sized for a standard double) for a few reasons:

  • I’ve read countless times that foam absorbs heat without being able to disperse of it. So, you can end up overly warm and uncomfortable in bed (which I have experienced with my mattress).
  • The Tustna topper is filled with latex and wool.
  • My current mattress is firm and too much so. This pad is recommended for a softer sleep.
  • Using my hand, I squeezed it in the store and it seemed more promising than the others.


So, I’ve added an extra 70mm to the overall height above my bed base and the mattress protector I also bought before Christmas is holding it all together very well. I also got to drive around to and experience the Ikea Warehouse for the first time – it’s basically like Argos but a lot nicer and with comfy chairs!

I’m going to test this new arrangement until the end of February, which should then leave me with a small handful of weeks to return the mattress (should I decide to) before my ninety-day window closes. So far, I am sleeping a bit better and the extra 70mm of softness does now allow me to sleep on my side. Lying on my back remains less comfortable than I would like.

Should I take the Malvik mattress back (I’ve been told you are allowed to re-roll them for transport), I may look at paying the £60 difference to take home a Morgedal memory foam mattress – just looking now, I realise that the ‘medium firm’ option is memory foam while the ‘firm’ model is simply listed as ‘high resilience foam’, which may explain why I didn’t notice the memory foam mattress last year… And hence, why I’m stuck on this foam-filled mattress merry-go-round!


I’ve already spent more than I would’ve expected to in December and I’m happy to pay a bit more again for a better night’s rest. With the common issues I’ve read of ‘warm’ memory foam mattresses though, I wonder where someone would benefit from owning and using a memory foam topper? Elsewhere, I read that memory foam may be displaced by ‘gel’ mattress within a few years.

Thanks for reading. I do believe the Malvik foam mattress is a good product but I made the mistake of buying an option that was too firm for my own back.

Current expenditure:

Malvik firm white standard double mattress: £120
Kungsmynta double mattress protector: £30
Tustna double mattress topper: £160

I also spotted the feather-filled pillows but haven’t bought them… Yet!

4 thoughts on “Adding a Mattress Topper

  1. Hi Olly,

    How did you get on with that latex/wool Tunsta topper? I have arthritis and fibro and my sleep is awful, I wake up in pain all the time. I bought a Silent Night orthopaedic mattress 2 years ago, biggest waste of money, awful. So, I’m thinking about a latex topper. Is it solid latex or chips. Did it dip in the middle? One IKEA reviewer said it was dipping. If it was no good did you find a better solution topper wise? I don’t want to use memory foam, not a fan of it so I’m looking at natural latex. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Caireann,

      It appears to be a sheet of latex in the middle (30-40mm thick) with thin sheets of wool on either side. I think it does dip in the middle, if I understand correctly.

      I suffer with insomnia and find it hard to judge these things. I probably had no need to buy it and could’ve save myself the money… It spends most of its time under the mattress as I don’t use it. I recently bought a thicker pillow which has helped me as a side sleeper.

      I’m sorry, I don’t know if I can be much help but I’m happy to answer any further questions.


      1. Thanks for your response, I think I will give it a miss, a 100% latex topper might be better for me. It’s always a gamble buying a mattress. You never know how good it is going to be until you sleep on it for a few months and they can be expensive. Have tried a memory foam topper from an Ebay seller but I don’t think it was true memory foam, ended up throwing it out. If I get a latex topper and it’s decent I will let you know.

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