#Walk1000Miles – April 2016

I’m pleased to be able to write that April 2016 has become a small milestone for me, in my quest to walk one-thousand miles see how many miles I can walk within the space of a year.


To put it simply; I have completed my first one-hundred mile month and suddenly bumped my ongoing tally up to quite a respectable figure, considering how we’re already one-quarter of the way through the year.


There are walks listed below that have yet to appear on this blog but those posts will be arriving soon.

My mileage breakdown for April 2016:

9 miles – Burnham-on-Sea to Dunball (Somerset Coast Path)
7 miles – Goblin Combe
11.5 miles Pensford and the Two Rivers Way (walk leading)
12 miles – Dunball to Steart (Somerset Coast Path)
13 miles – Quantock Hills
14 miles – Combwich to Lilstock (Somerset Coast Path)
2 miles – Stonehenge

36 miles – Combined total of local walks in and around Wrington.


Total for April = 104.5 miles

Current total for 2016 = 263.25 miles

3 thoughts on “#Walk1000Miles – April 2016

    1. Thanks, Ruth. Yes, I find it’s one of those things where it’s good to aim for a target but it’s perhaps more important that we aren’t critical of ourselves should we not succeed. 😉

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