#Walk1000Miles – June 2016

I fear I’m going to be disappointed with my tally for the month that was June. It began so very well and I felt confident that I’d be able to break a century, with relative ease.

But in the second half of the month – and, what seems destined to continue in to July – we saw a large amount of rainfall among many grey days. Does anyone else remember the heatwave at the beginning of June?

Let’s take a look…

As I said; my month began with a flying start as I tallied up close to forty-miles within the first weekend, thanks to the Mendip Challenge and a bit of last-minute training. This is going to be a very short list:

  • 03/06/2016 – 9.5 miles – Brecon Beacons Four Peaks/Neuadd Horseshoe Walk.
  • 05/05/2016 – 30 miles – Mercury Mendip Challenge [technically, it’s only 29 but the heat played its part!].
  • 11/06/2016 – 13 miles – a pre-walk in the southern half of the Quantock Hills.
  • 18/06/2016 – 12.5 miles – in the Quantocks again, leading Brunel Walking Group.
  • 26/06/2016 – 12 miles – a walk beginning in Priddy on the Mendips (which I’ve yet to write up).

Total = 77 miles

Plus a total of 15 miles of local and evening walks.

Total for June 2016 = 92 miles

On its own, ninety-two miles is not a bad tally, considering that fact that I do not feel I have walked much at all in the past fortnight. I’m quite conscious that I had hoped to be halfway (five-hundred miles) by now but I believe I’m still on course to beat six-hundred miles, which could always be bettered in 2017.

It’s also worth reminding myself that I have been able to complete one walk on each weekend in June. Regardless of the weather and ‘interference’ elsewhere.

Current total for 2016 = 438.75 miles

I sincerely hope that July brightens up for all of us. I can do without a heatwave but an increase over current temperatures might also be welcome – I’m hearing stories of people turning their central heating on… I should be able to break the halfway mark before August and, all going well, you never know; I may even get to eight-hundred miles by the time 2017 arrives.

Thanks for reading.

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