Air Frying in a Halogen Oven

Here on my blog, I receive a reasonable number of hits on a regular basis, regarding a few specific search engine terms that include ‘halogen oven’.

One of these involves air-frying – or, more specifically; the optional air-frying attachment that can be purchased for most 12lt ovens.

With this in mind, I recorded a video several weeks ago and, on Monday evening, I go around to completing the editing process and uploading my brief introduction to the use of an air-frying attachment in my halogen oven.

I do hope this video is of use to others and, if that is the case, I will look to record further footage on the use of the halogen oven.

Thanks for reading and for watching.

2 thoughts on “Air Frying in a Halogen Oven

    1. Thank you, Michael. I realise my videos often have their flaws so I’m very grateful to receive compliments.

      I’ve been using Serif MoviePlus X5 for a few years now. It was recommended by another reader of this blog as I wasn’t getting on with Windows’ software. I paid about £10 for it on eBay and, while it may lack things you might find in a more expensive package, I do find it’s quite easy to use.

      I hope this helps.

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